Friday, September 21, 2018

Week in Review (September 11 - September 17)

Tuesday (8,930 steps) - Nothing, but I had a cupcake! (Did you know Mexican chocolate is the best?)
Wednesday (19,264 steps) - Dentist appointment in the morning, which meant I got to sleep in! Boulder Roost run club. It was over 90 degrees, and I struggled quite a bit on this one.

Thursday (12,785 steps) - Finally made it back to Lakewood Roost for Belmar Running Club. So hard to get down to the store during rush hour, takes well over 30 minutes. Ran the until the hill with Lisa & Annette. Fun times!
Friday (10,031 steps) - Yay another rest day!
Saturday (50,259 steps) - Sourdough trail "marathon."
Within 10 minutes of finishing, I jumped in the car. Thankfully, I'd spent 6 hours not calculating when I'd finish correctly, so I had time to stop in Nederland at the brewery Lisa and I had tried to go to two years ago. The beer was pretty good.

Got home with enough time to grab A and drive to Stenger Field to watch most of Rachelle's soccer game. It was soooo hot. Felt bad for the kids running around in the heat. We got pho on the way back to the house. I ended up having to spend a good portion of the evening messing with my iTunes because most of my music seemed to have mysteriously been deleted. Not fun.
Sunday (6,820 steps) - Slept in LAAAAAATE. The girls made breakfast and I spent some time cleaning the house when they went to the park. The rest of the day was spent on the couch, did this day even happen?
Monday (10,257 steps) - Gym in the morning. Tired, so skipped our run at North Table.

  • 118,346 steps
  • 33.4 miles run
  • Just one trip to the gym

I'm in some sort of slump right now. Just super unmotivated and not having a fun time with anything right now. I'm hoping that's only because we just got back from vacation and it's been super hot and gross. That, and I'm not really enjoying the continued high mileage training.

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