Monday, September 10, 2018

Day 5 - Grand Teton National Park


Didn't set an alarm, but we were still up by 7.
Plan was to try and camp at Jenny Lake, but we stopped at Colter Bay first. I desperately needed to shower, and it was absolutely worth the $4.50 a person to get that done. Picked up coffee and a cinnamon roll, stopped to get hiking maps, then drove south.
Unfortunately, Jenny Lake campground was already sold out, so we kept driving to Gros Ventre. We paid for two nights, set up camp and had lunch. The campsite had a lot of bees, one flew into A's sandwich and I had to kill another one the package of cheese because it couldn't seem to find it's way out. Traumatizing.
Opted to do the scenic drive before doing our two hikes. Just getting out of the campground we had an amazing view of the mountains with a giant herd of buffalo grazing. So cool!!
We stopped at almost every overlook to get pictures - the mountain range is just so incredibly impressive!

The ranger we had spoken with recommend we stop at Cunningham Cabin - a historic site where the homesteaders first lived. It was pretty nifty - they certainly could have picked an uglier place to settle!

Our first hike of the day was Taggart Lake - which I LOVED - this one was SO pretty.

Had an early dinner at a restaurant in Dornans - A had a giant bowl of pasta and I had a sandwich. We shared a delicious chocolate cheesecake.
We still wanted to do one more hike, so we drove down the road to the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve and hiked to Phelps Lake. I enjoyed this one as well.

On the drive back to the campsite we stopped at the Moose overlook - and saw... a moose! Actually a mom and baby, but we couldn't get very good pictures. Also saw some elk, a raccoon and a VERY brief glimpse of a bear! Fun wildlife sightings!

Netflix and bed.

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