Friday, September 29, 2017

Week in Review (September 19 - September 25)

Tuesday (10,024 steps) - Barre with Sasha.
Wednesday (20,994 steps) - Lakewood Trail Series! This week was the big kahuna - 7ish miles, including the climb up Mt. Carbon. Forever, I've been thinking that I ran this last year and it was no big deal, that I finished before it got dark, etc. Turns out, I ran the short course last year. I totally made up a fake memory. A was running the short course with Laurie and I headed out with the goal to keep the pace easy-ish. No walk breaks until Mt. Carbon climb. The most interesting part of the run was when a snake slithered between my feet when I was walking up the hill. I didn't even have time to be startled.
Another small bit of walking between miles 3 and 4. We ran a section of the park that I had never been in before and I felt pretty good the last few miles.
Ended up running the 7 miles in about 1:20, which is pretty darn good, considering Mt. Carbon (and I wasn't even last). It was dark within 10 minutes of finishing, and we all scattered instead of hanging out after like previous weeks.
Garmin time - 1:21:04
Garmin distance - 7.01 miles
Elevation gain - 531'
Mile 1 - 11:21
Mile 2 - 11:57
Mile 3 - 12:07
Mile 4 - 12:51
Mile 5 - 10:53
Mile 6 - 11:30
Mile 7 - 10:21
Thursday (11,272 steps) - Another week at Berkeley Park Running Company. We got there super early again, although this was the perfect week for it as it was Hokatoberfest! A decided that she was tired from GOTR so she didn't want to run. I wasn't GOING to run, but then I decided to just run around the Rocky Mountain Lake. Managed to clock my two fastest miles in like a hundred years. After the run it was great times hanging out with friends, eating brats and drinking beer. They've got a pretty fun run club!

Passing around the blond braids was apparently a "thing." Who wore it better? Phil or A? Ha!
Friday (9,774 steps) - Barre with Kelly.
Saturday (27,588 steps) - Snow Mountain Ranch half marathon.
We left Snow Mountain Ranch and drove into Winter Park to Deno's for "brunch," which really meant a beer and sharing a sandwich with A. Michelle and her husband Scott joined us, and it was a great time to sit and chat (out of the cold wind). After Kristen dropped us off at home, we literally did nothing the rest of the day.
Sunday (5,023 steps) - I actually managed to stay in bed until NINE. NINE. A made us breakfast and I did laundry. We watched TV all day until 3:30, when we went to barre.
Can you spot us?
We met Heather, Beth and Mo for class, then headed over to DBC for pumpkin beer! It was cold and misty all day long, so perfect day to (practically) do nothing.
Don't worry, she has root beer
Monday (7,607 steps) - EXHAUSTED. Clearly not from actually DOING anything. The cold front is officially here and it was a blah day. I went out briefly at lunch to get a new phone (which turned out to be a giant pain as apparently my most recent backup was corrupt). Other than that, nada. A decided we should skip our group run because it was cold and rainy. No complaints here, we enjoyed a night at home.

  • 92,282 steps (least ever, I think)
  • 21.8 miles run
  • 3(!) barre classes (and first weekend one in a while)


  1. Sounds like you got some fall speed! I can't wait for cooler weather / better running for me, too!

  2. Great job on Mt. Carbon! I need to get into a race series to motivate myself.


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