Friday, September 29, 2017

Snow Mountain Ranch Half Marathon

Saturday, September 23
Granby, Colorado
Half Marathon #174
Weather - chilly at the start, perfect at the finish

When Kristen offered to carpool I immediately took her up on it. She picked us up dark and early at 5 am. It was raining most of the drive to the pass, and we hoped that it wasn't going to be that bad when we actually got to Granby.

I vaguely remembered that I could see all the fall colors on the drive up last year, and realized the race was in fact starting earlier this year. Since we arrived at 6:40, we decided we would do the early start at 7:30. There was rain in the forecast for late morning and we didn't want to get stuck in it.
There was a bit of a snafu when we picked up our bibs, in that the timing chips weren't there yet. So we all had to get back in line a second time, which was strangely time consuming. Turned out to be closer to 7:35 when we started. Annette and Michelle joined us and we had a great time the first loop - mostly staying together and taking a lot of pictures. The views were incredible, although I couldn't help but think it was prettier last year with the dusting of snow on the ground for the first loop. Even though it was pretty chilly, I warmed up pretty quickly, and took off my long sleeves around mile 5. Thankfully I had thought to put a singlet on underneath at the last minute.

Yay, a picture of meeeee!

Kristen and I dropped Annette and Michelle shortly after starting the second loop. We managed to see the 10Kers heading towards us (somewhere near mile 4) and I was able to get a few pictures of just about everyone, including A.

I took a package of sport beans from the aid station since I had accidentally left my fuel in the car. PS, strawberry banana is a terrible flavor, but it did the trick. Kristen and I ran pretty well for a while.

 With just a few miles to go Kristen said that her stomach was bothering her a bit and she wanted to walk. She was sick on the side of the trail for a bit, but I stuck with her - I wasn't in a hurry. We ran together all the way to the hill at the finish, when she told me to "go on without her." I crossed the line a few minutes faster than last year, with just enough time to see A get her award for winning her age group.
Within 15 minutes of finishing the wind had picked up enough that tents and the finish line were being blown down. I put on my long sleeves and stayed at the finish long enough for a beer and a brat.
A, me, Patty, Annette and Lesley

Ambassadors - Erica, Lynette, me and Tom
Garmin time - 2:42:19
Garmin distance - 12.66 miles
Garmin pace - 12:49
Mile 1 - 13:06
Mile 2 - 13:39
Mile 3 - 13:03
Mile 4 - 10:58
Mile 5 - 13:58
Mile 6 - 13:17
Mile 7 - 13:01
Mile 8 - 12:51
Mile 9 - 13:43
Mile 10 - 10:47
Mile 11 - 15:02 (the puking mile)
Mile 12 - 11:46
Mile 12.66 - 10:48


  • This has been one of my favorite races the last three years. The fall colors are just amazing this time of year.
  • A commented that I should have warned her how hilly the course was. It didn't seem that hilly to me, although there are certainly sections that I walk.
  • Although the course is not technical, I always wear trail shoes because the grassy sections have historically been wet, and trail shoes don't let as much moisture in.
  • I may not run this one again, after three years I may find another race to see my fall colors!
  • Awesome after party, like usual.

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