Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. One month from today I (hopefully) will have completed my only (first?) 50 mile race. It's getting close and I'm getting TERRIFIED.

2. RLRF. I think I love it. Even though I am not sure if it is making me faster, I think it is making my training suck less. And even thought it is supposed to be RLRF, I am actually running more, just in less days. Huh.

3. I LOVE SCHOOL I LOVE SCHOOL I LOVE SCHOOL I LOVE SCHOOL. Oh. And I'm apparently the Teacher's Pet. Really, I'm the only one to do a reading assignment in the first week? I'm too old to be popular anyway...


  1. I could be wrong- But i think when Kim @ (Just) Trying.... had started it, the Less actually means less # of days, not less miles. But i say again, I could be wrong lol

  2. Are you sitting in the front of the class, too?? Oh no, those kids better not pick on you for being teachers pet and throw things in your hair. Do you want me to talk to their parents about their behavior?

    OH MY GOSH!!! HELP!!! Seriously - I AM a grandma now. Over this week I have aged 30 years ..... damn water aerobics.

    Just ignore me.

    Maybe it is Disneyland excitement getting to me.

    Your major race is just MAJOR!

  3. Just embrace being the teachers pet and then make sure they see all your A's!


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