Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Giving Back

Here are some pictures that were taken of the aid station that A and I worked on Sunday at the Boulder 70.3 triathlon. It was a LOT of fun!


  1. I love the costume! That's awesome!

  2. I love the skirts!!

    And a HUGE high five for volunteering!

  3. A is freaking cute, cannot wait to see her!

  4. You guys were awesome!!! It was my favorite aid station...There was one young guy who was such a cutie (yes I'm an old perv :)) On my second loop around he says Here comes Julie again...and even though I know he didn't remember me from the first time around It was nice to have someone talk to you like they knew you!


  5. 1. Yay on the volunteering! Awesome! :)

    2. A looks adorable! And she looks so busy with working that aid station!

    3. Love. Your. Outfit! :)

  6. Those are so cute!! Looks like A had a really good time. (I might keep her next month, so, you know, don't leave her alone with me.) ;) Just kidding .... or am I?? Hmmm...


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