Friday, August 26, 2011

Foto Friday!

20 miler. Pre-sweat.
RLRF (MP, WK5sub, KR3)

Goal - 20 miles @ MP + 20 (11:02)
Actual - 20.68 miles @ MP +10 (10:52)
Total time - 3:45

So did you know it takes forever to run 20.68 miles at that pace?  Treadmill will only do 65 minutes before it needs to be reset. FOREVER.

So I'm only 5'0" tall, don't think I'm anorexic or anything. But wow. I haven't weighed under 110 since pre-puberty. Unsure if this is good or bad. But my weight has gone down from my average 115 since I started the RLRF program a month ago. Maybe I need to eat more?

You know you want to run with me at Disney! Don't you??

A's new bike!
My ex actually sent A a gift card for a new bike (SHOCK!!) We picked it up today and as you can see, she is super excited. Mostly because of the doll/plush carrier. You can see "puppy" thoroughly enjoying himself.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! You're TEENY! Great job with the 20 miler! Love the outfit, too. :)

  2. And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.... haha that song went through my head when I saw your outfit.

    Didn't know the treadmill needed resetting- I hope I never had to run on it long enough to experience it, yikes!

  3. All is right in the world, you're back to posting your workout outfits:)

  4. omg. you did your 20 on the treadmill. MAD PROPS. hell to the no for me. so impressed!!

  5. 20 miles on a treadmill. First thought that springs to mind: insane!!! Second thought: you pretty much rock for doing that! :)

  6. I'm way jealous. I want to be 109.anything. I did weigh myself last Monday, and I worked out 6 days of the week .... so maybe by the time Vegas and WDW in January are here I'll be a few pounds lighter?

    I love that blue shirt!
    And the hat is pretty much awesome.

    Disney Disney DISNEY!!!!! See you in a few DAYS!!!

  7. Hot legs hot legs! Cant wait to meet you SATURDAY!


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