Friday, August 5, 2011

Munchkin Mile - Exhausted.

A wanted to go running this morning. I was psyched when we got outside and it didn't seem nearly as hot. A finally realized that her skirt had pockets and begged me to let her hold my car keys in her pocket (and if I needed her to carry anything else, she DOES have another pocket you know). It's important to stretch before you run:

After about a minute she complained that her skirt was falling down because of the weight of the keys... haha. Quick stop and then we are off. Even though it wasn't as hot as our last run, A seemed exhausted. She really struggled with this run and needed more frequent walk breaks.

Tomorrow? Super duper long run.


  1. She's too stinking adorable!! I laughed when you said you begged her to hold your keys because I just knew that they'd end up too heavy! ;)

  2. This was so insanley cute, I pretty much fell over. thanks :)


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