Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Is Almost Over

Yesterday A was bored out of her mind. Nothing seemed to entertain her. So I planned a SUPER full day.

First on the list? Going running.

Lake Arbor
It was pretty hot by the time we got to the lake. 77 degrees. Luckily, we had a breeze. It helped IMMENSELY. A didn't need the rest breaks like before. She did awesome:

We ran the loop about a minute faster than last week. She is gonna rock the 5k at Disney in a few weeks!

Next up? Quick trip to Starbucks and then on to the water park! We have season passes so it's a great thing to do that doesn't cost us anything.

Waiting in line... they were PACKED
I figured we had a few hours there before the afternoon storms were going to start and A had a blast!

We ended up not leaving until 1:30, and I was STARVING, so we headed home and had lunch. Then, off to get A a haircut:

All of the above took most of the day. I spent the remainder of the afternoon vacuuming, cleaning the carpets, and making dinner.

Then it was off to the gym. L has a new "thing" to entertain us at the gym. Every time we have a class, we are going to wear a shirt we have gotten at a race. In chronological order. So today? The shirt from my first 10K - the Bolder Boulder, Memorial Day 2008. I can't remember if I'm rockin' a side kick or a roundhouse:

I am STILL super sore. Why??

As an aside... Check on my link top left hand corner of my blog for Razzy Roo. Enjoy either 10% off an entire order using the promo code listed, OR, use code GLITTER40, for a FREE glitter band when you spend $40. Have I mentioned how much I love Razzy Roo??

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Rocking race shirts: love the idea! :)

  2. I will have to keep my eyes open for you, I often run around Lake Arbor during a run. Usually pretty early in the day though and now that it's seems so dark in the mornings only on the weekends.

    I'm bummed we've not been to the water park at all this year! We usually go at least once a year.

  3. This was such an awesome day!! We'll have to keep with tradition and find each other before the 5K again in just over TWO WEEKS!!!

    That is so cool - you have a lake, a water park, a gym ... lovely! (p.s. I am thinking of joining the gym. I'm seeking advice on my blog post today. You're pretty much an expert, so maybe you'll be able to offer some!)


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