Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

I think I love my legs in this picture.
Also... A little RLRF (MP, WK5, KR2) - TM resets after 65 min:

Goal - 10 miles @ MP (10:42)
Actual - 10.32 miles @ 10.39


Excited for Disney!!


  1. Your legs look so long in the first one - and GREAT in the 2nd for sure!!

    Disney YAY!!!!

  2. Love the tutu and those medals are awesome. Might have to consider doing a Diva event to get some giant bling! I am so impressed by your pace over so many miles. I am hoping as I run more I can get out of the 11 min miles and into the 10s.

  3. You are very inspirational - Thank you! I stumbled onto your blog because we have a similar goals: 50 Halves in 50 States! I am just starting:
    I wish I had known about your site a few months back - we both ran in the Caesar Rodney Half. I see you haven't done Jersey yet - so maybe when you come back to the east, we will get a chance to meet! Keep up the great work!

  4. i know you've posted other photos of the size of your bling- but until i see it on your neck it was hard to grasp how awesomely big that is! Hope it doesn't weight down your hangers :)

  5. Hello Ms Hotness!!! You look amazing in those photos! :)

  6. You look awesome! OMG Sport Photo people: We get it... You own the flippin pictures! We're still stealing! Haha


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