Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Munchkin Mile

So a few days ago, A (who just turned 5), said she wanted to run with me. I really tried to not get too excited since I know running means something completely different to me than it does to her. However, she decided that today would be "Exercise Day." So I laid out her clothes the night before (a turtleneck, a long sleeve athletic shirt and her track suit) and she woke me up BRIGHT AND EARLY to go running.

After having breakfast, we did some pre-run pictures. A? Beyond excited. The Adidas track suit was a Black Friday purchase - $11.27 for both pieces - and yes, she picked it out :D

Water bottle? Check... 'cause you get thirsty when you exercise 

Crazy socks... even for me
Originally my plan was to take her to the track at the middle school. That way if she got super tired, we wouldn't ever be very far from the car. But that sounded so... boring. So I gave her the choice, and she picked going to Lake Arbor - where I run when she is in school. I warned her that it would be colder and that the loop is over a mile, but she seemed ok with it. Worst case scenario? We walk.

So we get there and it is 31 degrees, but sunny. Only one other car in the lot, so that means it shouldn't be at all crowded. Well. It IS before 9:00 am on a Sunday. So I'm getting my watch GPS ready - and get some more pics (of course).

This might be my favorite picture. Ever. 
Me and A
Stretching, aka "Tree Pose"
Finally get the GPS ready, and we head out, at a (for me) super slow jog. I wasn't wearing my headphones and we had a nice conversation about moose (she doesn't think they are "real" since she never saw one out of a cage in Alaska). Just past the 1/4 mile marker, she asked for me to play some music on the iPhone. She is keeping a decent pace, but I can tell she is getting a little winded. I keep telling her how good she is doing, and for her to tell  me if we need to slow down. We make it past the half mile marker and she is still going strong. We get to the only "hill" and she decides she needs to walk for a minute. She made it so far!

Jogging again!
She walked less than 30 seconds and the above picture is right after the peak of the hill and she decided to jog again. We passed the mile marker at 13:35!! I would not have thought she would have done so well! I figured we would stop after one lap, but she got distracted by the fitness stations and decided she wanted to do some push ups. Total distance 1.08 miles in 14:57!

What an awesome day. She didn't get cranky or grumpy, and she didn't give up. She asked if we could do it again tomorrow.

We celebrated with a Starbucks. A non-fat gingerbread mocha misto for me, and kids hot chocolate for her.


  1. Ok, cutest post I ever read! Her track suit is adorable and honestly her pace isn't bad :)
    I don't think I'm brave enough to be a parent...stories like these demonstrate how much kids really emulate their parents. You think running is important, she thinks running is important. Just like that! Good for you to be setting good examples for her!

  2. That is seriously the cutest post EVER!! Love her outfit - she has excellent taste. She's going to be a little speedster just like you!

  3. UMMMMM.... HOW AWESOME IS THIS??! Your little munchkin is a total peanut (LOVE the outfit) and she did better than I think we all did during the mile run in elementary school! What a trooper -- this is awesome! It's so great to see how your fitness habits are rubbing off on your daughter. I hope she sticks with this for a loooong, long time to come. Terrific parenting, and what a observant child. Great job to you and A!!!


  4. So awesome! You're setting such a great example for her. Nice to see kids who think exercise is FUN!

  5. Nothing in the world beats running with your kids - love it!!

  6. I love it! I love "running" with Al, too! It always surprises me the pace she can keep when she is in the mood! :o)

  7. A little athlete in the making! :) So cute! :) And that track suit looks adorable on her! :)

  8. super cute! thats awesome~

    is she doing pushups in the last photo?? awesommmmee!!

  9. oh, this post should have been subtitled 'AWESOME MOMMY ALERT'. So they don't just repeat all the curse words we say? They're actually watching our actions too? Who would have thought!

    That is so cool that your kid wants to run! Can't wait for my little Puff to want to start running too.


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