Sunday, November 21, 2010

Close... but no cigar

Unless I have some major injury, I'm on track to hit 1,000 miles for the year sometime this month. I was thinking I was close, but I usually only total my miles at the end of the month. I started thinking about it, and thought that I *might* hit it on todays run. To not keep you in suspense, I would have done an extra loop if I would have known that where I stopped left me at 998.97 miles. Really?? Ugh. Now my 1000th mile will be run where mile 1 of the year was run... on the treadmill.

Anyway, had a funky day yesterday. I was RAVENOUS all day yesterday after my 5k race. So I ate everything. Literally. And topped it off with this:

Yes. That's cheesecake. And I split them with L... but still
I ended up feeling funk all night (Funk=drunk like feeling but from eating too much) and went to bed with a stomach ache. Gross. Even when I dragged myself out of bed this morning... yes, it was around 11:00 am... I *still* was feeling icky and full. I didn't eat anything until almost 1. And without having a half this weekend, we had a long run scheduled. But... it was cold. And I wasn't feeling well. And L's quad has been hurting.

Then I thought about it. Sbux was still running its holiday drink BOGO promo, so if I wanted one, I'd need to earn it. We decided to do my Lake Arbor loop and run as long as L was feeling ok. She wore a tank top (!!!) and I wore this:

It was freakin COLD out. Upper 30s, but the sun was low on the horizon and it was cloudy. But it was NICE to be running with someone else. I was initially thinking we would do 2 or 3 laps. L was feeling pretty good and we did 4 laps. We would have done 5, but I was STILL cold (rare for me, I'm usually warmed up after 1 or 2) and we needed to pick up the kids, so we left. Had I known that last lap would have put me over 1000 I would've run the extra 12-13 minutes!

Loop 1 - 10:11 pace
Loop 2 - 9:48 pace
Loop 3 - 9:48 pace
Loop 4 - 9:43 pace
Total - 5.01 miles in 49:31 (9:53 pace)

First thing I did after picking up the kids? SUPER HOT SHOWER, and then pulled out my footy jammas for the first time this year :D


  1. Sooooo close!!!!! I'd probably take a quick run outside before the treadmill to not have to hit 1000 indoors :D

    I'm freezing, and almost flipped our heater on.

    It's 58*.

  2. Can I just say...


  3. I had a COLD run today, too! Still trying to warm up! Congrats on *almost* 1000 miles :o)

  4. We call it food coma, but I like funk for sure!
    I LOVE YOUR YELLOW SHIRT!!! Tell me where you got it, please! I'm doing the Disney Princess in February and need to create a yellow running outfit.

    I know it's a bummer that you have to hit 1000 on the treadmill, but 1000 miles!! Girl, that's awesome, even if you have to crawl the last part! Congrats!!!

  5. love those jammies, and LOVE that cheesecake!

  6. I feel like I should pretty much go raid your closet sometime when you are on one of your out of state runs! I love those jammies!!

  7. FOOTY JAMMIES!? I've never seen these before and instantly fell in love. MUST HAVE!!! Those are sooooooo cute!


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