Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going the Distance

Ever have one of those days where you actually run further than you intended? Yeah. That absolutely NEVER happens to me. I'm not a huge fan of training runs - especially since most of them are on the treadmill. However... after a blah race over the weekend, and an incredibly short visit to the gym on Monday night (with no treadmill), I decided I'd actually do an outdoor run while my daughter was at school. Temps were in the upper 30s, low 40s, so I dressed warm (for me).

I had every intention of doing a nice, slow run. My foot has been so-so bothering me so I wanted to take it easy. It was warmer than I thought it was going to be, and without even really trying, I managed to get faster with each loop. I ran the same Lake Arbor loop that I did for my insane 20 mile run last month. Intended to do three loops (1.25 miles each). I still felt good after three, so I added one more. Somehow it measured a bit short (looking at the map Garmin GPS'd for me it looks like I took a shortcut over the lake - I promise I didn't).

Loop 1- 10:41 pace
Loop 2- 10:00 pace
Loop 3 - 9:55 pace
Loop 4 - 9:27 pace

Finished 4.96 (!!!) miles in just under 50 minutes. Yay!!

Part of what makes this "important" to me... I actually got out and did something productive for the day.

I am having a REALLY tough time not working. Yesterday I didn't even get dressed. I had nothing to do, nowhere to go. I've sent out hundreds of applications - for just about every type of job available (other than positions I'm completely unqualified for - like HVAC repair). I really took my last job for granted. A small company - thinking I was irreplaceable. Even working somewhere for 6.5 years without ever calling in sick doesn't mean anything apparently. I haven't received even a SINGLE call back. Not one. This is the longest in my adult life I have ever been unemployed. Ever. Including the maternity leave I took when my daughter was born. I'm really at a loss here. I knew the economy was bad, but when it didn't affect me, I didn't pay much attention. I've pretty much gone through all my savings. Having my hours cut from full time to part time for two months before completely being out of work made that suffer, and now that it's been over five weeks. Well. I'm getting very worried. Top that off with an ex-husband that hasn't paid child support since last Christmas and not being eligible for unemployment?

Let's just say I could use some good thoughts.


  1. Good thoughts comin' your way - I hope things turn around for you soon!

  2. I run in a "Will Run for Margaritas" head band!

    Happy, positive thoughts are being sent your way in abundance!!

  3. Good thoughts coming your way, that sucks you can't get unemployment, that doesn't seem right.

  4. Good job on getting out there and run :) Many positive thoughts coming your way, everything happens for a reason! I'm sure all will work out in the long run!

  5. i hope something comes through soon! put yourself out there everywhere you can - even if it's just something parttime, it'll help you resume a schedule and some structure. and who knows - lead to bigger and better things! :)

  6. I hope things take a turn for the positive soon.


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