Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bee Rad

So I skipped the treadmill again. My foot has sorta been bothering me and the treadmill seems to enhance the pain. I decided to run around Lake Arbor again after I took A to school. I drop her off, park, start stretching. I already have my iPod on, and out of the corner of my eye I see a man signalling to me from his car. I pull a headphone out and he asks me, "Are you a beekeeper?" I obviously say "No, I am not." Why would he ask this?

Well... I'm driving this:

Or is it because I am wearing this...

Anyway, it was a REALLY nice day.

I thought nothing more of my random encounter and headed out. It was GORGEOUS out. Slight breeze... and unseasonably warm. At 9:00 in the morning it was already 50 degrees! And I was COOKING in my long sleeve shirt.

I could tell after my first lap that this run wasn't going to be as "easy" as Tuesdays. I was feeling overexerted and tired. (And remember, hot). I had to stop and use the port-o-potty during the second lap. I was REALLY surprised when I pulled up my loop times:

Loop 1 - 9:42 pace
Loop 2 - 10:32 pace (pit stop)
Loop 3 - 9:50 pace
Loop 4 - 9:38

So, just over 5 miles, and even though it didn't feel nearly as good as Tuesdays run, it was longer. I actually had thought about stopping after two or three laps. But it is just so hard to justify not running longer just because I feel "tired." I think it's just feeling "lazy." Either way, happy I got out the miles. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, maybe I'll go out again.

Anyway, I get done and notice there is a business card on my car... you'll never guess... "Rocky Mountain Bee Removal, Rescue, Education." Seriously. Hahahaha.

As an aside. Still NOTHING on the job hunt. In addition to the tons of resumes I have been sending out for my actual field of expertise, I spent all morning yesterday applying at the mall. Yes. Walking around and hand writing applications at all the stores that have "now hiring" in the window. Out of those, only ONE store even briefly talked to me after filling out an application. I'm so discouraged. I know there are lots of folks out of work. But. I'm really good at what I do. I just don't know to convince anyone of that in this market and without even having the chance to interview. Sigh.


  1. I haven't run on the treadmill yet this winter, I was hoping it would be my last resort if my knees keep bothering me on the road. I.can't.believe your foot hurts more on the treadmill. So much for my plan!

    I also love that you have a 13.1 sticker on your back window, I do too!

  2. Keep the faith. The holidays are a tough time to job hunt. I bet you'll have luck after the new year.

  3. It's a testament to your mettle that you are still out running even when times are tough. Sending good vibes your way.

    Random bee card! What is the 'education' part about anyway?

  4. It's look so pretty out there! Beautiful views! :)

    And the job...Well, you know what I think of Kohl's for not even interviewing you... The same goes for all the other companies that do so. They just don't know what they are missing out on! I'm sure, though, that something - even more amazing than you could've imagined - will come up!

  5. I love your car! Sending you good vibes on the job front...hopefully something will pop up soon!

  6. I think it is all a sign ... that you are meant to be a bee keeper! :)


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