Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rock N' Roll Denver - L's First Marathon (Mini Spectator Recap)

Sunday, October 17

OK, so I'm back-tracking just a bit... I can't help it! I have a busy schedule and just got back from vacation.

I thought even though it was not ME running, my lil sister running her first full marathon deserved a mini blog of it's own.

Originally her first marathon was supposed to be with me in Greece. However, she didn't raise enough money to go, so she decided to do hers in Denver. I was going to run the half, but it sold out before I had a chance to register.

So... with the weekend off, I was able to actually WATCH a race for once. There was no way that we were dragging the kids out when the race started (7:00 am), so after inspecting the course map it seemed that around mile 15 the course looped a bit and we would have three opportunities to spot her along the course). Based on her normal pace I had guesstimated how long it would be before she would get there, so we parked and walked along the course until we saw her.

L did FANTASTIC!!!! (And looked great doing it)

I suck at motion pictures, there she is bottom right wearing "preppy purple" - this is about mile 15.5
Weird turn around at the 30K mark
Mile 19
From here, we REALLY had to rush in order to find somewhere to park and get to the finish line in an hour! Downtown Denver is a mess under normal conditions, and a bajillion runners/spectators PLUS a Broncos game made it even worse.

L's daughter (three years old) wasn't able to hold up, so she went home with Grandma. Me and A walked a mile or so to the finish line. A is normally shy at races, but I convinced her to give some high fives along the way.

I wasn't exactly sure when L would cross the line, but I REALLY wanted to get a video of her crossing... and I managed to squeeze in right at the finish line and get one!

L's immediate reaction after finishing? Something along the lines of "never again." Heh. Finisher's picture with my daughter:

There were quite a few timing mats on the course, the updates I got were:

5K - 28:33
10K - 57:26
11 Mile - 1:41:29
13.1 Mile - 2:00:49
19.7 Mile - 3:03:35


26.2 Mile - 4:09:08

What makes her the most awesome about all this is that she really didn't even train. (Yep, she is one of "those" with that "natural talent" or something). Her longest run before this was probably 2 months earlier at under 17 miles.



  1. Wow, that is an amazing time!!!Congratulations to your sister!!!

  2. Yep, she's a rock star. Great review! I think it's funny you called it a mini spectator review (ha, ha!)

    Good luck in Greece--you're going to do great!

  3. Sometimes I feel like your blog is about you and L. You race together so much, a lot of your commentary is on what you both did.

    GREAT FINISHING TIME! 'Never again'? Famous last words.

    Can't wait to hear about Alaska! There's a shout out to you on my post today I hope it helped a teeny bit in a cosmic way.

  4. wow! that's incredible! right on, L! i'm curious to see if she really is a "never again" or if she'll change her mind.

  5. Thanks for the post B!! Now that it has been a week and I have recovered who knows what will happen in the future. I just don't recommend doing a half the same week. -L

  6. WOW! What a great time - especially for not training hard. My friend was working hard and his goal was to finish under 4 hours, and that was with tons of training.

    Your sister kicked ass!!


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