Monday, October 25, 2010

Alaska - Day Five

Even though I was supposed to have the day off from running, I had eaten so much for dinner the night before that I just felt gross. So I got up and went down to the fitness center anyway, figuring I'd do some time on the bike and walking on the treadmill. Figure that's always better than being a sloth :D

Treadmill - Walk with incline

 Last full day in Alaska with no plans, so we decided to head north and find something to do. The first thing, apparently, was going on a 2 mile hike here:

A thought it was hilarious to run up all the hills

The gorge

Looking down

The Falls

A victorious after running up yet another hill
After we were done with the hike (surprisingly successful even though it was super cold, 2 miles long, and we went with two kids under the age of five), we kept driving north.

And ended up here - in Wasilla. In previous years the Iditarod race has started here, although most years it doesn't get enough snow, so it starts even FURTHER north. This was actually open too, there was a museum (but no dogs). I gotta say, I've never put that much thought into sled dogs before, but they are pretty amazing! And watching footage from the races? Wow!!

Along the Coastal Trail

Behind A is Cook Inlet

 We had some time to kill before the Spaghetti "Zombie" Feed (AKA, Carbo load dinner sponsored by the Anchorage branch of Team in Training. Such a deal! For $10 there was salad, pasta, bread, drinks, dessert (soooo much dessert) and door prizes?? I was surprised only about two dozen people showed up. It was great!



A had the sled dog stuffed animal pulling the pack of her other animals. Hilarious.
Early to bed again. For the first (and probably only time), I didn't set an alarm. No doubt the kids would get us up with PLENTY of time for the 10:00 start time for the Zombie Half Marathon!


  1. A guy I went to HS with moved to Alaska immediately following graduation to train iditerod dogs... despite the fact that he had (1) never seen snow, and (2) was allergic to dogs....

    That hike is beautiful!


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