Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alaska - Day Three

Yep. Kids up around 5:15 am. Try to ignore them, but don't make it too long before we figure it's just less stressful to get up. Sigh. So much for sleeping in! Being pitch black outside does not deter them in the least!

Pawn the kids off on the parents for another quick workout in the fitness center. Start with a 10 minute ride on the bike before an hour run.

On the agenda for the day - a scenic drive to Seward (a little over 100 miles away) - where we planned on spending the night.

Pumped and ready to go

At Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
Another "bored" moose

SeaLife Center (Aquarium) in  Seward

I actually touched all this stuff!! Yucko!

Apparently they are no longer called "starfish"

Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay
Resurrection Bay

Clothed she is apparently 40 pounds!

Heading out for an evening walk along bike path outside Seward

End the evening with some swimming!
Another long day! The kids loved looking at all the animals. Even though we still didn't see any of them actually in the wild.

Early to bed (sensing a pattern?)


  1. Wow, those pictures are beautiful. I'll have to drag my butt to Alaska some day.

  2. But wait! If they're not starfish anymore, what ARE they? Inquiring minds are too lazy to look it up for themselves.

  3. I have the same question as Fiona. WHAT is it!?

  4. The "bored" moose cracks me up.

    Please don't tell me they call them sea stars or something! Okay, I live in Oregon - go to the coast all the time - and we ALL call them starfish!

    Resurrection Bay looks so pretty and peaceful!


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