Saturday, October 16, 2010

20 miles is wicked fah

What's the best way to deal with being unemployed? Finally doing that darn 20+ mile run that I've been neglecting all during my marathon training.

Since I was running by myself, I had TWO requirements... the availability of both a bathroom and my car... just in case my foot started bothering me. I didn't want to do an out and back alone and be 8 miles away from the car if something went wrong. My two options were a ridiculously long treamdill run, or a loop. The winner:

Lake Arbor
Start of the path (right side)

Yes. If you are doing the math, doing the outside loop means I have to do SIXTEEN loops to complete 20 miles. This is gonna be rough...

The first few miles aren't too bad. I intentionally started out slow. Had to stop and use the bathroom during the second loop (thanks to the Starbucks I had earlier). From there, I settled in for the long haul. There were a ton of people out, although most of them were walking. Some people with strollers, with dogs, etc. I saw LOTS of people more than one lap. Very few people running (they are smarter than me!)

I took a hammer gel after 4 laps. Took a GU after 8. The halfway point is where I started to struggle. It was certainly getting hot! I started stopping at my car every two laps to slam Nuun. Took last GU after 12 miles. Legs heavy. Feel like I'm barely moving. Want to stop SO bad. The last few laps I walked a block before my car, then stopped for more fluid. I was soooo thirsty! Then, all of a sudden, I was on my LAST LAP. I never thought I would get that far!! I hit 20 miles on the Garmin and got a huge smile on my face. Got to the car with 20.14 miles done. In 3:48:42 - so not too fast, average pace of 11:21.

But!! The way I see it:
  • I ran ALONE with no one to hold accountable but MYSELF
  • I ran past my car 16 times and never quit
This gives me the confidence to think I just might be able to rock the marathon in Greece after all.

Happy weekend everyone! I'm actually NOT racing this weekend, but I'll be cheering for L at Rock 'n' Roll Denver - she is running the full marathon - her first one!!!


  1. Way to go! I can't believe you passed your car 16 times and kept going.

  2. YAY YOU!! Way to keep going out there! What a great feeling knowing that you ran over 20 miles without wimping out!! :D

  3. You are hard core. If I ran past my car once I'd be in that sucker and headed home. Awesome twenty miler! You got this marathon in the bag!

  4. That is wicked fah! you are a champ, especially for passing your car that much!

  5. way to go! I once ran a quarter mile track for 9 miles..felt like a hamster in a wheel lol. :)

  6. Yay for getting that in...I totally would've wussed at at some point if I was doing loops! Great job!

  7. Wow, passing the car 16 times is almost greater than running 20!! Congrats!

  8. How cow. I once did a 3-mile loop 4 times and almost gave up each time I got back to where I started. 16 times!?!?! I think that qualifies as a new record somewhere. :)

    Great job!

  9. Kudos to you! I don't think I'd have the will power to pass my car that many times without quitting early. Very impressive - the will power AND the distance!

  10. Nice job! I don't think I could run past my car that many times by myself and not throw in the towel.

  11. 20 miles!!! You rock!!!! And passing your car again and again and not getting in, but struggling through!!

  12. Great job! That is some serious determination. Way to Go.

  13. Way to go! I am seriously impressed! You were on a mission...holy cow...16 loops!

  14. Congratulations! I know its tough running by yourself! Kudos to you!

  15. YEA! Way to go! Are you running a marathon this fall?


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