Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Freaking Out

Treadmill - Random Hill Program
Monday, October 4

Loving the Zensah argyle socks!
My race in Maine was tough... "hillier" than I expected, and my legs have been screaming since I got back. With that said. The Foot is feeling better so I decided to continue with my regular running schedule, AKA "Awesome Random Hill Program Race Recovery Run." I was psyched to see the treadmill was being kind and gave me an easy one:

I'm not gonna lie. This one was tough. And made exponentially more annoying by the fact that my Yurbuds seem to be dead? They still play music, but after having them a few months they slid out of my ears about a zillion times. Which was SUPER annoying. Guess I need to order a new pair (or two).

Now. The freak outs.

Freak out #1: The Double Header

In an effort to save money and travel less, L and I have booked a few double headers - back to back races on the same weekend. This weekend is my first one. And I'm started to LOSE IT:
  • I'm coming off injury. While The Foot seems better, my left quad (same one I injured before Christmas) has felt... off. I've been using the stick and massaging. I need to keep an eye on that.
  • Time limits on both courses. Saturday is the ING Hartford in CT, with a limit of 3 hours, and Sunday is Boston in MA, with a limit of 2.5 hours. Normally (with 10 half marathons already completed) I would not be worried. The Boston one though? The day after racing? I'm freakin.
  • The course profile for Hartford. Looks hilly. :(
  • The course profile for Boston is non-existent but is described as a "rolling" course.
Freak out #2: The Marathon
  • Um, 26 days away???????????
  • No long run over 16.7 miles completed (thanks stupid Foot)
  • No plane ticket yet???? I've sent a few emails with no response. I am Queen of planning and this is very troublesome to me.
  • I'm doing this completely alone. I don't know anyone else doing this race, and none of my family will be there and L couldn't raise enough money. Sucky :(


  1. I would totally freak out over the time limits! I have yet to do my 1/2 marathon, but when I registered I guessed I would come in around 2:30. But what if I was actually slower? I wouldn't even be able to finish that one! Yikes!

    Ah dang it! I'll be on vacation when you do your Greece marathon. I can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about it when I get back!

  2. I guess on Sunday (if you are feeling poorly) you go out at an 11:30 pace from the start and plan to finish at 2:30? There's nothing wrong with that time for back to back halfs. Here's throwing some Pacific NW confidence at you!

  3. YES! You got a lot on your plate girl - it's pretty nuts! But at the same time, pretty damn cool that you're even attempting it. You've been very successful so far, this weekend will be no different. After all, it's not childbirth!! (that's what I tell myself when something is tough, sometimes it works)

    Just take these one race at a time. You'll get through Hartford, just take it easy so you can save some juice for Boston. It may be hard, but maybe force yourself to do a walk:jog combo for Hartford since you'll have another hard effort the next day?

  4. wow... i would be freaking out too! take a deep breath! You've got this! :D

  5. You will be fine at the double Half Marathon and the time limits. No doubt in my mind!

    And Athens; just approach it as one big adventure. You will meet other runners to hang out with in no-time!

    And from one injured runner to another: be careful with that Quad!

  6. Just take it easy and enjoy yourself. Hopefully all those body parts will hold up splendidly on race day.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  7. One step at a time and you will be fine! :)

    I'm so impressed that you run 50 half marathons in 1 year. Do you have issue during the race with jet leg and time changes?


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