Friday, October 1, 2010

Revisiting "The Dress"

Continued from yesterday. I still have "The Dress" from when I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding (which apparently was seven years ago, not nine, lol). I kept it for two reasons. First, my mom custom made it. So it fit perfectly at the time. Second, I used it when I first started my weight loss journey to tell if I was actually "losing."

Before - Front
After - Front (As is, no pins or anything holding it up)
Before - Side
After - Side (Again, no pins, just "hanging")
Measured the "extra" material - SIX inches (just below the chest). Wow!!

Other randomness:

The Run of Awesome!

I ran today. My foot felt REALLY good. Like the least pain since it started bothering me back in Chicago. Headed out on my regular Friday trail:

For the first time in as long as I can remember, NO WALK BREAK!! I rocked this run, finishing just over 4 miles in 38 minutes?? Who knew I could do a training run so fast!!

Also, got my new slippers shoes for travelling. I am what you would call an "expert" traveller. I bring NOTHING unnecessary, and when I travel I bring only a backpack and purse. I have my bag of liquids ready to go, and I wear shoes that don't have to lace. But I normally travel in summer and wear flip flops... winter solution:

They but be UGGly, but they will keep feet toasty warm on the plane :D


  1. 1. You are amazing - You are a shadow of who you once were. It's great that you've improved your fitness and health. What a great example for your daughter.
    2. Congrats on the run. Amazing how fast you can be when your body is well rested!
    3. Those shoes rock. Perfect for getting around the airports and rewarding your feet after a hard run.
    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Wow you look almost matronly in your seven year old pictures and sooo the opposite now. Amazing that losing weight makes you look so much younger now than you did back then when you were heavier.

  3. Congrats! Amazing before and after pics!

  4. You are a shadow of your former self! Awesome!

  5. dang girl! your transformation was amazing - quite the journey i'm sure. i actually kind of like those slippers! lol.

  6. Wow! Look how far you have come! Your running is going great....cheers to no walk breaks:) Nice job!

  7. Question ... your socks .... are they all legit compression socks? Or do you wear regular "off the rack" socks? I am a HUGE fan of knee high socks, I'm actually wearing some now. I would LOVE to incorporate them into my running life, too!

    Amazing transformation, I'm sure that was a lot of hard work. Go you!


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