Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week(s) in Review (June 9 - June 22)

Tuesday, June 9 (19,412 steps) - I really cannot remember this far back and looking at Strava doesn't do much to refresh my memory. I wrote that I did a mile and a half, but I have no idea if that was on the treadmill at home or at the gym. I think I vaguely recall doing it at home.
Wednesday, June 10 (18,450 steps) - A finally FINALLY got her (second) cast off. However... she is now in a brace, at least through the end of July, which means one more doctor's visit and another set of x-rays. Run club!! Traffic was a wretched horrible mess so it took forever to get there. We ended up missing starting the run with the group but walked about a mile with Heather, who injured her collarbone and can't run anyway. I ran a mile loop when I got home.
Thursday, June 11 (16,562 steps) - Again, it says I ran about a mile on the treadmill. No recollection. Things kicked into high gear with the packing - fast tracking the sale of the house to two weeks earlier than planned - sign (hopefully) going in the yard on Tuesday, June 23.
Friday, June 12 (8,396 steps) - No exercise. More packing. Dinner and hanging out with Jessa.
Saturday, June 13 (13,659 steps) - Jessa was so kind as to spend most of the day with me and A packing and cleaning. Turns out there was a bit of water damage from when the basement flooded in the spare room so we had to rip out the carpet and padding. Bought fans to dry the flooring. Smells a bit musty but caught it all before there was any lasting damage. The most progress was in A's room. Wish she always kept it this clean and uncluttered!
Sunday, June 14 (17,592 steps) - Skirt Sports 5k with A and then driving to Moab.
Monday, June 15 (51,044 steps) - Desert RATS Stage 1.
Tuesday, June 16 (77,537 steps) - Desert RATS Stage 2.
Wednesday, June 17 (32,030 steps) - Desert RATS Stage 3.
Thursday, June 18 (99,377 steps) - Desert RATS Stage 4.
Friday, June 19 (15,236 steps) - Sleeping. Drinking beer. Tending to blisters.
Saturday, June 20 (63,235 steps) - Desert RATS Stage 5.
Sunday, June 21 (12,825 steps) - Long, long, LONG drive back to Denver. Lots of cleaning and continued packing.
Monday, June 22 (13,928 steps) - Back to work. More cleaning, more packing. House 85-90% packed. My realtor offered to have cleaners come in so that I didn't have to make time for that as well, thankfully. We weren't able to get the carpet shampooed (and honestly, anyone who purchases this home will want to replace all the carpet anyway), but the place looked good enough for interior pictures for the online listing.
Week Ending 6/15
  • 145,115 steps
  • 28 miles run
  • No cross training
  • No strength/stretching

Week Ending 6/22
  • 314,168 steps
  • 113.75 miles run
  • No cross training (although, let's be real, I did a LOT of hiking/walking)
  • No strength/stretching (I had two 30 minute massages though!)
Everything Else
  • As of the last date in this blog the house was mostly in selling condition, just waiting for some cleaners to come in and do things that I did not have time for. That's the big thing going on in my life right now!

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  1. You're doing well, Becka! The flooding of your spare room caused a bit disruption to your daily routine. But with all the carpeting ripped off, you're on your way in rehabilitating it and bringing it back to being good as new. I hope you were able to restore your home in a good selling condition. Good day!

    Rolando Glover @ Eco Pure Restoration


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