Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day 9 - Krakow (Wax Museum, Bike Tour, Lost Souls Alley)

For our last day in Krakow, we had another full-ish day planned. First off, we wanted to sleep in after our "long" previous day.

We initially planned on going to the same breakfast place as the day before, but eventually we just went to the restaurant attached to our hotel because it was a tad cheaper (since it was a buffet and included coffee).

We had a bit of time until our bike tour, so we hit up the wax museum. This was pretty silly, and probably not worth the money, but we had a lot of fun taking goofy pictures.

We found the bike place without any issues, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were the only ones signed up - we were going to have a private tour!

After figuring out a good fit on our bikes, we headed out - lots of stops in the main square, before heading to the Jewish Quarter. We got a 20 minute break here, which we used to have a "small" snack.

Then we traveled across Lover's Bridge, Ghetto Heroes Square, quick view of Schindler's Factory (which was unfortunately closed) before a quick ride by Wawel Castle and back into town. Phew.

We still had some time to kill before our last stop of the day, so we headed to the cupcake shop I found. Yum!!
Decided to go back to Wawel Castle for some more pictures - wow, this place is cool! (No time to actually go inside, however).

My favorite "random" pic of A - she looks like she is levitating
We figured that we should actually try to find Lost Souls Alley, and thought we would head there and find out if they had an earlier time slot. We located it, but they didn't have anything before 6, so we wandered around, planned where we would have dinner.
The Lost Souls Alley came up as a "must do" or "top ten" best things to do in Krakow. Basically a haunted house, but also had aspects of an escape room. I don't get freaked out about these things, but A was a little nervous. We ended up in a group with 2 girls (mid 20's maybe). I personally thought it was super lame and cheesy. (And also kind of confusing - like some of the rooms had combination locks, but it was really hard to figure out how you would even have any idea what the combinations were?) The girls and A screamed bloody murder and had a great time. Right after it was over I had to run downstairs to get cash, because nowhere on their website did they indicate it was cash only. (* will likely amend this post to add pictures from inside, as soon as I can figure out how to get them...) **Edited** - added the one pic below. Most of the pictures weren't too great, but this one depicted pretty well how everyone but me would be huddled in the corner freaking out, and I was "taking charge." (Plus, this is the "crazy baby lady" that really freaked A out, haha.)
Then we went to a restaurant/brewery for dinner. As was typical with Poland, it was super cheap and delicious!

Back to the hotel to pack because we had a crazy early flight.

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