Monday, April 8, 2019

Day 5 - Warsaw (TXL to WAW, Warsaw Museum, Museum of Illusions, Warsaw Uprising Museum)

We had a very early 3ish am wake up call. Gave ourselves just enough time to do the last minute packing and then 5-10 minutes for check out. What we did NOT expect, was for the front desk to not be able to DO a check out at roughly 4 am. Apparently, their computers hadn't yet closed out the previous day. So there we stood in the lobby, watching the staff chide a drunk guy for sleeping in the hallway, and me, for not checking out the night before. Finally, after 15 minutes and the systems STILL not being up, he let us leave anyway, after we swore we didn't incur any additional charges (like drinking the bottle of water in the room or breakfast in the restaurant).

As a result, we did miss the bus we had been planning on taking. Luckily, we found a different bus that managed to get us roughly to the same area, and made the right connection, getting us to the airport with just an hour until our flight. Luckily, Europe is much more lenient and it took mere minutes to get us through security and to our gate. All while never showing a single form of identification. We got a quick breakfast and coffee, boarded, and were pushing away from the gate 2 minutes early.

The flight to Warsaw was FAST - and we landed early as well. Apparently, you can travel between Germany and Poland without identifying yourself or going through customs. We found the info desk, got directions to our hotel and purchased a 3 day transportation pass. Outside of nearly getting kicked off the train for having my feet on the seat across from me and not having a student identification card for A, the ride was uneventful. We walked to our hotel and they permitted us to leave our bags until we could check in later that day.

We got lost on our first attempt at the bus, but it was a good learning experience. Found our way into Old Town and decided our first stop of the day would be the Warsaw Museum. It was a good museum, but laid out in a very confusing way... over 6 floors! We spent a few hours in there, then went to get our traditional Polish lunch.

After lunch, we decided to get dessert of the day, and were trying to decide what else to do. We found a cool haunted house, but upon arrival, they were closed with no estimate for reopening. We halfheartedly went to the Museum of Illusions - which turned out to be SUPER FUN.

We then took the bus to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. This was another multi-level museum that was semi-interactive. It was a bit confusing following the timeline since we didn't have a tour guide, but we learned a lot, and... got another dessert.

After we left the museum we figured it was time to head back to the hotel and have dinner. We checked in and thought we would wander around and find somewhere to buy bottled water and maybe a beer. Went to a sketchy bar, then got dinner at a "fancy" restaurant in our hotel.

In bed later than we planned.

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  1. Marissa ALSO got yelled at for having her feet on a seat across from her on the train, even though it was empty. Europe doesn't like that, I guess?


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