Monday, April 8, 2019

Day 6 - Warsaw (Expo, Old Town walking tour)

We had booked a bike tour that started at 11 am. That mean, sleeping in! Dragged ourselves up and out the door by 9:30. Found the bus to get us to Old Town and then found a cramped cafe to get breakfast to go. Arrived at the meeting place 10 minutes early - only to find out they had emailed us the day before and the tour had been moved up an hour and we had missed it. I swear I never got the email, but the next time I got WiFi, I found it buried in my spam folder. BUMMER. The guy was kind of a jerk about it. I get moving it an hour late, but an hour early? We totally could have made it...

Anyway, we went back to a WiFi spot to find something else to do and signed up for a free walking tour. However, it wasn't for another few hours. Decided we would go to the other side of town to get our race packets. Found the event center with little difficulty and enjoyed walking around the expo. It was, unfortunately, a lot like a rock n' roll race. They checked ID and would not release A's packet because she was not 18. So that was a bummer.

Took the bus back up to Old Town. Went to a coffee shop for a sandwich and dessert, then went on our free walking tour.
Not as in depth as the other tours I have done, but what can you expect for free?

Found the "Same Krafty" craft beer restaurant. I finally got a good stout (and IPA) and we shared a giant pizza - all for the cost of about $17 USD. Man, I love how cheap things are in Poland.

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