Friday, November 9, 2018

Week in Review (October 23 - October 29)

Tuesday (12,109 steps) - LONG day at work. I took Lucy in (yes, again) because the check engine light keeps coming on. I had an appointment and was supposed to get a loaner. Shockingly, the loaner was not ready and I waited 45 minutes for it. Later, I found out that the engine light was coming on because it was super low on coolant. So aggravating, I just brought it in for service a few weeks ago.

They wanted to keep the car overnight, so when I got home I did a quick neighborhood loop. Unpacked and repacked for JJ.
Wednesday (14,886 steps) - Didn't want to risk hurting myself, or running too much, before JJ, so we went to the Denver store - they were having a Hoka donut mile that A really wanted to run. The pre-donut mile run was a 5K, so I ran easy with Mo & Colfax.
Thursday (13,786 steps) - Went to the gym for a core workout during lunch (that I don't really remember doing). Turns out we were going to have time to go to the Halloween Belmar run after all. A didn't want to run, so I did an easy small/short loop with Mo & Colfax.

Shortly after getting back to the store I got a text that A was going to get picked up earlier, so we had to leave a bit earlier than planned. Finalized packing.
Friday (15,711 steps) - See JJ100 recap
Saturday (122,851 steps) - See JJ100 recap
Sunday (72,457 steps) - See JJ100 recap
Monday (9,004 steps) - The most exhausted ever. It was pretty tough getting up and going to work. Left work early to take A to her annual doctor's appointment. Picked up Torchy's for dinner - in bed early.

  • 260,804 steps
  • 106.6 miles run
  • No gym! Trainer has not been hired.

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