Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Day 7 - Leeds Castle, Dover, Canterbury, Jack the Ripper Tour

Busiest day of the trip!!

Up early to figure out the Underground to get to the tour bus. We didn't get lost (hurray) although it would be helpful if London explained more about tickets - that was the most time-consuming part of the day.

We found the bus we needed to be on without much trouble. Picked up breakfast (coffee and a breakfast sandwich).

First stop was Leeds Castle. We had enough time to tour the inside of the castle and wander around the grounds and see the gardens.

This shower is bigger than the one in our hotel (not kidding) 

Then the bus took us to Dover. This was a tad disappointing, as we didn't get to stop at the castle at all.

Then we went to Canterbury. I vaguely remember being unimpressed when I went there years ago, but I found it pretty interesting this time around. Of course the front of the church was under construction, but we were able to spend quite a bit of time inside, and the stained glass was pretty amazing.

We took the ferry on the Thames River, and our guide helped us figure out where to get off so we could go on the FREE Jack the Ripper tour that Lisa found. We were there early, so stopped at Zizzi for some delicious Italian food beforehand.

I have never seen a can open like this!! #takeyourtopoff

Pumpkin mac n' cheese!

The Ripper tour was probably one of my favorite things we did all trip. It didn't start until pretty late (8:30 I think), and we had a fantastic guide. We walked all over and learned about The Ripper's victims (and honestly, I really didn't know that they never did figure out who he was!). The only downfall was that it was ridiculously cold.

By the time we got back to our hotel, it was already after 11. LONG DAY.

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