Friday, June 12, 2015

Week in Review (June 2 - June 8)

Tuesday (26,478 steps) - With A being out of town with my parents in Yellowstone, I had time after work to get some "real" running in. FINALLY, we were experiencing warmer temperatures. I was hoping to gauge how I would feel in the heat. This weather did not disappoint. It was about 90 degrees when I started my run at Green Mountain. For the first time ever (well at least since I've been running) Green Mountain was GREEN. It was really pretty. I stopped a lot, took a lot of pictures. Had a great time.
Wednesday (18,323 steps) - I went for a run in the morning because I wasn't optimistic about the weather in the evening. 4 miles. 4 not so great miles. Not the most fun ever. Went to run club with Heather - where we didn't run because she is injured. Still had a great time.
Thursday (16,744 steps) - Met up with Lisa after work for Happy Hour! We went to a new location in LoDo - Tap Fourteen. The Mexican Chocolate beer I really like was on tap. We had a great time catching up.
It was thundering and lightning like crazy on my way home. Within minutes it was POURING. Again.
Friday (12,520) - Ate pizza. Nothing else.
Saturday (34,439 steps) - Up early for the Run the Rockies half marathon.

So it has been raining like crazy pretty much non-stop for over a month. When we got home it was actually NOT raining, so I quickly mowed the lawn and then headed inside for a shower. When I was getting dressed I noticed the carpet in my room (in the basement) was wet. Thanks to all the rain our basement was flooding... AGAIN. So I spent much of the afternoon cleaning up water. Spent the evening over at Jessa's house.
Sunday (34,299 steps) - Denver Trail half marathon in the morning. 
Immediately after getting home I took a super fast shower and took A to a pool party for one of her friends from school. After THAT, we went with Jessa and Jackson to see San Andreas (which I liked even though it was completely unrealistic), and celebrating at Fuzzy's Tacos for dinner. More cleaning up of the flooded basement.
Monday (16,629 steps) - It ended up being a VERY chaotic day. Without going into any drama or details, I am selling my house. We had the realtor over until it was decently late and A and I had to do some grocery shopping. We ran a mile together and A was super happy to have her first run to write about in her running journal.

  • 159, 462 steps
  • 40.3 miles run
  • No cross training
  • No strength
Everything Else
  • So now that the cat is out of the bag... selling my house and in the process of selling a bunch of crap and packing. Moving is the worst.
  • My stage race is coming up FAST. Packing and gathering of items has started, as well as the panic of it becoming a reality. I will not have any access to the outside world for at least a few days of the journey - which is probably a good thing. Lots of stress in my life right now and I can use the break.
  • Nothing else.

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  1. Hope you are having to sell your house for good reasons. Good luck with the stage race, that sounds exciting and scary. I would be a it freaked. Hope the stress in your life gets better. Happy running!


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