Tuesday, July 16, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 11)

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Another week where I didn't pay a huge amount of attention to what I was doing. Tuesday night I ended up hanging out with J (why??) and had a decent number of beers. Food mostly in check, exercise for the week was on point.

Tuesday - Tank top arms & abs/obliques
Wednesday - 4.15 miles at run club
Thursday - Completely unplanned 7.55 sweaty miles in the inferno (aka - on the basement treadmill) while watching "The Call" (which, by the way, was really lame)
Friday - Tank top arms & abs/obliques
Saturday - Sand Creek half marathon
Sunday - Hike/Run in Evergreen up to Bergen Peak with Hope. Initially we planned on about 6 miles and ended up doing 9.6 instead.
Monday - Barre and quick 2.4 mile bike ride

Really impressed with my running this week. The treadmill run was a HUGE boost for me, as I made it through the first hour without having to pause. Sure, it was slow, but reminds me that I am capable of doing more. The hike/run with Hope on Sunday was THE BEST. Glad I have someone that will spend some time on the trails with me.

Weekly Loss - 1.0 pounds
Loss Since April 30 - 14.6 pounds

Huzzah!!! At this rate, I will definitely hit that 15 pound loss next week, and then at some point, I guess I will be just maintaining weight?

  • Still not super hungry, which obviously helps me to NOT eat all the things.
  • Still find it FASCINATING that I can still have BEER and lose weight. I love this.
  • Only in the last week or two have I personally been able to see a change - not while standing in front of a mirror, but when I look at pictures, I can tell that there has been a loss.
  • When I went running with Hope on Sunday I used my hydration vest. It was bouncing around a lot and I found I had to adjust the side straps a bit - which means I have probably lost inches. (I have never measured so I don't know this for fact).
  • A lot of the cravings for sugar, snacks, etc. are gone. Not to say that I won't eat things if they are there, but I certainly haven't been sitting around dreaming about cupcakes. That's an interesting change.

Random Pictures From the Week:

Oh yeah, 90 minutes on the treadmill!
Possibly my favorite beer right now
Enjoying the view on the hike to Bergen Peak
Pictures from our hike run to Bergen Peak


  1. I saw "not eating all the things" and a "90" and I thought it was your weight!!! ;-)

  2. Wow over 14 pounds down! Way to go!

  3. Wow! Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm struggling to lose some weight myself and I can truly appreciate what you've done!


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