Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keep It Tight (You Rock My Socks Off!!)

I am a sucker for running products and apparel. Whatever the latest and greatest brand or product is, I am in line to try it out. I'm pretty terrible about remembering to actually do reviews of the products that I have tried.

Bored at work yesterday, I was reading some of my older blog entries and came across one (from August, 2010), where I tried compression socks for the first time. I have been a huge fan of funky knee socks since my teenage years. And compression socks made that totally acceptable, EVEN FOR RUNNING.

Personally, I think they are adorable, especially when paired with a cute running skirt.

My go-to brand for socks is of course Pro Compression. What do I love about them?

  • MADE IN THE USA. It is SO rare to find something made in the United States anymore, and I love supporting products that are made here.
  • Funky colors! I have socks in every color of the rainbow, as well as a few of their "limited edition" socks like the "Retro" sock that was just released this month. AREN'T THESE AMAZING?
  • They actually have socks that fit my feet!! Unlike most brands, there is a "third" size! I wear a 6.5-7 in shoes, so it is a bummer to wear a ladies sock that is meant for sizes 6-10. That inevitably means that the heel isn't going to sit right and there will be to much fabric. The XS is perfect for me!
  • Most of the time I wear the knee socks, but once in a while I like a low sock so I can try to even out my runner tan line. I love that they make a compression ANKLE sock (and still in the funky colors!)
  • They run specials EVERY month. They choose a "sock of the month" and offer for 40% off, with FREE SHIPPING. That makes their socks very competitively priced at just $30! The code this month is JULY and is actually good on their entire product line!
 Join me in the sock revolution!!!

The yellow socks were the perfect addition to my Donald costume!


  1. Your Donald costume is so cute!

    And, I'm calling H out in the pic, she's got calf sleeves on, hehe!

  2. i've been toying back and forth getting the retro sock or not. I need to better about wearing compression socks for long runs, but its so stinking hot out

  3. Kim has super eyes!!!

    That is honestly the only time in about a YEAR I've worn something non PROCompression. And it was only for costume purposes, I put the PRO on right after!

  4. I need some of those - my legs have been feeling so sluggish lately!


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