Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I did an outdoor run today. It was pretty good! Except for the path being all icy. Which is dumb, since it hasn't snowed in over a week. I got to try out FOUR new items I've never used... I'll probably review this more in depth later. But for now:

  • Nike ear warmer thing. It's cute. And it kept my ears from freezing off and my headphones from slipping.
  • Athleta Hindsight Half Zip top. Now. I don't normally wear long sleeves, but I figured this year I'd try being comfortable and warm. I got this awesome top as a Black Friday special using a gift card from a friend. I absolutely LOVED it. It breathed really well which kept me from getting too hot, yet it felt like air moved through. Never got cold either. Please it had the thumb holes (which I love), and a back zippered pocket. I put my keys in there and NEVER felt them. LOVE. THIS. TOP.

  • Adidas Gloves - Touch screen compatible!! I loved these, never took them off. And yes, they worked as promised!
  • Newton trail runners. I have had these for over a year. I even forgot my socks, wore this for a 35 minute run. So comfortable, no blisters. I think I will train my outdoor runs wearing these, and possibly race my 100 in them...

2. Field trip for Daisy Girl Scouts to the Butterfly Pavilion. They had the whole exterior decked out with lights... and a Fire Dancer. In 25 degree weather.



  1. I need to check out those gloves!!

    WOW, all A's, you are amazing!

  2. Love that top! and way to go on the grades! You should be so proud:)

  3. I love that top! Very cute!

    Congrats on your grades!

  4. Nice grades! Hey Jan.7th there is a 5k at Lake Arbor!! Will you be in town? Maybe we can meet!

  5. Ultras, Marathons, Half Marathons, Training runs, AND straight A's...where do you find the time?


  6. Little smarty pants!

    I've been very tempted to buy some Athleta tops, but just haven't yet. Touch screen friendly gloves sound awesome!


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