Monday, December 26, 2011

The Food Hangover

How much did YOU eat over the holiday? I ate ALL THE THINGS. Seriously. Cookies, cake, pie, candy, ham, potatoes, burgers, fries and LOTS of beer... there was NO running on Saturday OR Sunday. There wasn't even getting dressed. So I'll make a confession.

I kinda sorta have a minor eating disorder. Self-diagnosed. I used to be fat. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. Then I stopped eating all the junk and started the exercise. I've been in maintenance mode for about 7.5 years. And for the most part, I have pretty good self-control and I usually don't eat EVERYTHING. I really believe moderation is the key to a balance between eating to live and living to eat. Every once in a while? I totally suck at that. This weekend was a prime example. I kept eating and eating. Even though I wasn't hungry. I gave myself the excuse that it was because once the holiday was over, the temptations would no longer be there and so if I wanted that slice of pecan pie, I better have it while it was still there.

I woke up this morning and felt like shit. I felt like I had been up all night doing shots. The cure was a progressive run on the treadmill. I had 4 scheduled, and ran 5.15. Sweating out all the grease and fat and sugar felt pretty damn good. I really need to remember that it DOES feel better to have a kick ass workout than it does to eat myself into a funk.

That is all.


  1. let the detoxing of december begin! woot!

  2. I spun out the sugar at spin class this morning. I could feel it leaving my body. Nice run!

  3. I ran 15 miles on the TM today and finally feel a little closer to normal. Now I just have to survive New Year's Eve! ;-)

  4. I've hardly eaten this Christmas season. I keep going to family Christmas get togethers where there isn't really any food for me - and therefore no leftovers. I've actually been pretty damn hungry. It sucks!

  5. i felt the same way all last week. both of my parents make (and keep regularly) foods I wouldn’t have at my house. So I ate, ate, and ate some more. All things wonderful and fatty and sweet and salty and I could keep going. I have decided i’m not getting on the scale until mid-january. I am very excited to be home and to get back on my eating routine-because I know myself well enough to know not to buy that type of food. I’ll get my sweat on this afternoon!

  6. Sounds like the fact that you're more aware of it/your reactions/etc is half the battle. Nice job getting on that treadmill. I think many of us are craving normalcy again :)

  7. Yep, I feel your pain. I actually think I am going with sugar withdrawal. Not fun and the worst part 100% self inflicted. I too felt like I had hit every bar in town. Isn't amazing to think that people eat like that everyday and when you do your body feels poisoned?


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