Monday, December 12, 2011

Musings About the Gym (A.K.A. "The Random")

  • It's not even January yet and already the gym is getting ridiculously crowded. ALL the treadmills were full when I got there. Luckily, by the time I put my stuff away and came back out, I got a free one. Unfortunately it was not my regular treadmill (yes, I have one that I manage to use 99% of the time).
  • Super. Annoying. People. Are. At. The. Gym. (WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE HERE??)
    • To my left - Chatty Cathy. She holds up her phone, which is on SPEAKER and spends 19 minutes (walking very slowly) screaming and cackling into the phone.
    • To my right - Walking briskly at max incline while holding onto the treadmill for dear life while leaning backwards.
  • What is WITH people wandering around naked in the locker room? I don't want to see it. At all. Please stop.
  • The woman working in the Kid's Club told me I looked thinner. She said the same thing to me last year. I think I look the same. Compliment?
  • I got BRAND NEW Newton's with an insanely good Black Friday sale. I'm fairly certain I bought my last pair last summer... and ran on/off (plus cross trained) with them for... about 18 months. The lugs on these puppies? INSANE. Did my other pair really feel that way?? These had a neon orange lining on the inside. Obnoxious. Love it.

  •  Speedwork. Yasso 800's. First half, not bad. Second half... still not so bad, but was in a "light-headed zone." Almost a "squirrel zone."

  • Free time and no racing=Race planning. I think I have a few more races to add to my schedule...
  • Not really a gym musing, but sorta training related... I had my surgical consult today, and after TWO HOURS of sitting around, I had about a 2 minute evaluation that determined I do, in fact, need to have the lump in my breast removed. The surgery is no big deal, but "high impact" exercise is "discouraged" for 5 days. I asked if I could get around with 3-4 days off running, they seemed to think that would be ok. Crossing my fingers I get in for the first Friday in January and then I *think* I'll still be able to get all my ultra training runs in. (They were booked all December for surgeries).
  • TOTALLY not running/gym related. J's birthday is 3 days before Christmas. I have planned/purchased nothing. I am the worst girlfriend ever.


  1. Your gym musings are hilarious and the truth to them all makes it even funnier.

    I've been thinking about trying Newtons. Not because I necessarily need a new shoe. I think I'm just looking for a change. Something different.

    All will go great with your surgery and you'll be back to training before you know. Easy for me to say. Right? Crossing my fingers for you to get in early Jan!

  2. These are some of the reasons I'm scared of the gym!

  3. I have some great gym stories as well. I don't know why people have to act so weird when at the gym!

    Good luck with your surgery!

  4. I don't understand why people walk around lockerrooms naked, chatting etc. Just get dressed!
    Good luck with surgery, I had a lump removed 6 years ago, it was cancer, but the healing process wasn't horrible. The worst part was the drains from the lymph nodes, but you won't have that so it will be better!

  5. Ugh the locker room is the worst. Especially if you go in the morning. I am never prepared to see all that in the a.m. Good luck with the surgery. You are strong and healthy, and super tough (hello 100 mile ultra) so it will probably be no big deal:).

  6. I think those people are at EVERY gym unfortunately!

    Those are some pretty great looking shoes too!

  7. the ones the talk on their phone on the treadmill/elliptical/bike. so.flipping.annoying. hoping surgery goes well!! and you will come up with something great for j!

  8. I hate it when people say "Oh, you're looking fit!" I take it as "Oh, you looked so fat lat time I saw you." HATE IT!

  9. And that would be why I rarely go to they gym. People a odd. But sometimes it does make for good entertainment.

    Praying your surgery goes moothly.

    Love those "get noticed" shoes! Awesome!

  10. This is one time of the year I seriously miss the gym because of the cold {I miss spin...} and at the same time am so glad that I don't have to deal with all the extra people! Enjoy...

  11. LOVE (!!!!) your shoes!! Wish mine would be soo cool :)

  12. I have no idea how those Newtons feel.

    But I DO know that those look downright AWESOME!

  13. Wow. I am not envying the gym-goers after reading this post! Heh.


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