Friday, December 2, 2011

Long Run Friday

Ultra training had a ridiculously long run scheduled. RLRF had me running 15 miles at MP+10 (10:34). So... I sorta did that.

Goal - Run 26(.2) - Can't stop at 26 as a runner. Can't. Pace mostly unimportant, but I did want to run the first 15ish at the RLRF pace. Mostly succeeded.
Actual - 26.2 @ 10:45 (4:41:52 total). Only I think 7 seconds off from what I ran RnR Denver in a few months ago. The first 14.1 I did on the treadmill at the gym, but then I needed to come home to take A to school. The last 12.1 were done in the basement inferno. THOSE miles were INSANELY hard.

Longest treadmill run. Longest training run. Probably top ten of longest runs (including races) I've ever done.

Breakfast - Mini Luna bar (White Chocolate Macadamia), banana, Sbux light double shot (those things that come in the tiny cans).

Of note:
1. Peanut Butter GU is FABULOUS. I had one of those, a nearly expired Plain GU, a Powerade Chocolate Gel, two packs of GU chomps (one citrus, one watermelon). Two bottles of water, one with Nuun (mixed berry), one without. One Powerade Zero (fruit punch), and a diet Coke. The diet Coke was NOT as agreeable as the diet wild cherry Pepsi I had last week. Cause a MAJOR side ache the last few miles. At least i was dumb enough to drink it at the end.
2. Outfit change - 1 (I. SWEAT. A. LOT). Well, I was wearing a tank at the gym (My "I Run So I Don't Kill People" one), stripped down to just the sports bra at home, and DID change that. I wore my Nike capri running tights, no skirt. (Also no body glide, and no chafing anywhere).
3. Towels used - 4 (See above, about sweating)
4. Pounds lost - 3.6 (Yikes... I need to watch this)

Thoughts on this run?

  • 18-20 miles on the treadmill is not bad. Longer than that is a bit rough. Not sure how well I would succeed at these if I was trying to run solo outside...
  • Also, it is WEIRD "hiding" my training. L thinks running a 100 miler is the dumbest idea I have ever had, and the rest of my family is pretty much agrees with that. J won't say it's a dumb idea, but thinks I'll hate it. So my solution so far is to downplay training. Any suggestions? I've never come across this... my family is usually pretty supportive.

My two other runs this week went perfect. Speedwork on Monday was glorious, and my 6 miler on Wednesday went off without a hitch. Loving this program so far, especially in combination with RLRF.

Happy Friday!


  1. You are so hard core! I don't know what to say about your family. I guess each person has a mileage limit, and any miles after that are crazy. You just found their crazy.

  2. Such a badass. I love that you ran a midweek marathon on the treadmill. just epic.

  3. On a trademill? Wow!

    I enjoy reading about your ultra training. I'm taking notes for when I train for my first 50 miler :)

  4. Downplaying the training would be hard, maybe they'll come around when they see how dedicated you are to it?

  5. You should be proud of doing a 100 miler, hardly anybody is brave enough to do it!! Keep going and I'm sure at some point they will accept it and support you. They also might be worried, just show them how you feel and be honest. This is amazing!!

  6. Just finding this blog! WOW! I'm slowly returning to training after taking a few years off because of knee surgery. You have such ambitious goals! I would love to do something like this, but can't wrap my mind around how to go about it! Do you have sponsors, and if so, how did you find them? I see going back through your blogs that you have a daughter - does she travel with you? What an amazing educational opportunity if so!


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