Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Numbers

Miles Run - 150.86. Probably close to the most training miles I've ever run in a month (usually I have a LOT more miles of racing). I did mostly the RLRF program, although I started my own (adapted from Fast Cory) ultra marathon training last week. Excited on that.
Races Run - 3 (2 half marathons, 1 5k)
PR's Set - Close to the slowest 5k I've ever run. But, really, zero.
Minutes of Plank -  112. I missed 2 days of planks. Still at 4 minute sets. They are still tough, so I will keep time the same for December.

Other Random

  • Today, December 1, is the 4 year anniversary of the last time I smoked a cigarette. I'm REALLY proud of that. That means that I have NOT smoked 29,000+ cigarettes. Instead, I have run over 3,800 miles. Not sure which number amazes me more.
  • The Peanut Butter GU I ordered in October finally showed up today. I'll try it during my long run tomorrow.
  • It snowed today. I really hate snow. And there is still like 5 months left of winter. That makes me gloomy.
  • I got the bill in the mail today for my mammogram and biopsy. Sigh. I have insurance I purchase on my own and a high deductible plan. Just my tests are running me over $900. That probably means I'll have to cancel the Edinburgh Marathon since it's the only trip I haven't booked any travel for :(
  • This was my last week of classes. I have finals next week. Crossing my fingers for all A's...


  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great life change you did 4 years ago!! You should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Your statistics of not smoking and miles run instead are wonderful!

  3. Congrats on your 4th anniversary! That is awesome!

  4. LOVE those numbers! You must be very proud of yourself (or should be!).

    P.S. Sorry about having to wave off the trip to Scotland. Some medical places will take a lesser amount if paid in full right away, maybe that is an option to save a few dollars. Maybe not enough to keep that trip, but add a new one around home. Just a thought!

  5. Congrats on the no smoking!! I'm on my 4th year myself. Glad we are now addicted to running instead!

  6. congrats on the 4yrs!
    I had no idea you were a smoker..look at you now!
    cheers to you

    I read that you ran a marathon on the machine today...that is crazy

  7. congrats on the 4 yrs!! i’m trying to get my bf to quit-he won’t smoke around me bc i hate it and it makes me sick but this is a great story!! sorry about the bill :( i have been wanting to try the pbutter-let me know what you think!

  8. Hooray for 4 years. That is REALLY awesome!!


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