Saturday, December 10, 2011

5 Tips For Achieving FitFluential Balance During the Holidays

I like to think I'm pretty good at balance... Here is how I've survived the last three years:

1. Just because it's the holidays does NOT mean you skip the workouts. JUST DO IT. I've heard EVERY excuse in the books. I got up last Christmas and ran 15 miles in 17 degree weather. Black Friday this year I was up at 3 am to run 24 miles. If it means getting up earlier or going to bed earlier to get a workout in, DO IT.

2. Don't throw your regular eating habits out the window. I know there are tasty temptations around every corner. JUST BECAUSE IT IS CHRISTMAS DOES NOT MEAN YOU EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT. Healthy alternatives are everywhere.

3. I'm human. Sometimes I want that peppermint bark, fudge or peanut brittle. And you know what? I eat it... IN MODERATION. Since I don't buy junk food EVER, the only time I'm ever around it is the holidays. I don't go crazy with it, but I will enjoy some here and there. It's all about balance!

4. Go easy on the alcohol!! Holidays, parties, gatherings with friends and family. We have ALL been there. The key for me is either not drinking at all, or only drinking one or two. After a few years of being on a regular training schedule, it is simply not worth it to drink more than that.

5. SLEEP. As much as possible. Nap if you have to.


  1. I just noticed that the Verizon map has more holes in it than your Half Marathon Map! Great job!

  2. Sleep ... I've been doing that A LOT lately. Not a lot of it, but making myself go to bed a little earlier. Everybody at work has been sick and I was hoping getting rest would keep me feeling fresh and not susceptible to it. So far, so good!


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