Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Up Wednesday

There is some "new" stuff going on that I haven't shared with all of you yet.

1. I did it. I registered for the Bear Chase 50 Mile race. I must be completely insane. I am really going to have to up my training so I don't die. I mean... 50 MILES??????? In one day?????? That's like half of what I normally run in an entire MONTH...

2. I know I said I wouldn't have anything international on the horizon for a while. But... this is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, and I've always wanted to go. I'm not OFFICIALLY registered, but I am pre-registered for the Edinburgh Marathon in SCOTLAND!! (Where I hope to meet Silly Girl!!)

3. And speaking of "not really registered" races... I'm "officially" on the wait list for the 13th Annual Metal Sawing Technology Texas Marathon. Why this race? Other than being on New Years Day, I have to admit it is for the glory of the bling. Rumor has it that the medal rivals that of the Little Rock Marathon's ginormous hunk of metal.

4. In NON-race related running stuff... I have managed to get yet ANOTHER person hooked on running!! When I took A down to Texas my ex sister-in-law commented on how fit I look (awww, thanks) and said she has been thinking of taking up running but can't find the time/energy (excuse, excuse). I convinced her to download the C25K app and she is already a few weeks into the program. Not loving it yet, but doing it!

5. This is more of a question... Many of my blogging buddies are doing the "Run Less, Run Faster" program. I was in Borders the other day and glanced at it and it seemed (for lack of a better word) too "textbook" for me. Anyone care to share their experiences and more of how it works? I don't necessarily want to "run less" per se, but I want to run more efficiently.

6. Anyone else lost their running mojo?? It used to be that just dressing up for a run and I'd feel better about it. I seem to be dreading my training runs lately. Suggestions for making my super boring treadmill runs suck less?

7. Speaking of... It's like Nike KNOWS ME PERSONALLY... I wish I could find this stuff locally, buying off their site is a total rip off in shipping charges unless you buy a TON of stuff.


  1. Wow Wow Wow!!! Wow to all those races!

    I looked at the Run Less Run Faster book, too. I didn't buy it. I think mostly I am just being a slacker. Mentally I have my running mojo, but physically I just don't. I mean it is 85 right now. We went from winter to summer overnight. Having a spring to gradually ease me into the heat would have been nice. Now I have to run tonight and I'm terrified!

  2. That's awesome--I love that shirt! I've decided that you just have to shove yourself out the door when you don't want to go on a run. I have never regretted a run.

  3. You should buy RLRF. There's a lot of info/science in the book, but you could skip a lot of it and implement the training plan. You probably already know-- 3 runs per week, 2 cross training days. Speed, tempo, long. There are charts in the book that you use to figure out your training times, based on your current fitness.

    I took almost 4 minutes off of my half time when I used it for training this past spring.

  4. When I am on a treadmill, I tend to get bored so I like to change the inclines and speeds on the treadmill every few minutes to make it more of a workout.
    Some treadmills have programs on them already, but I like to just do it manually. For instance, Ill run at a 9:00 pace for 5 mintues but then speed it up to 7:00 or so for the next 3.

    I also love that shirt!

  5. 'glory of the bling' love it!

  6. I have the RLRF book, but actually use their online marathon plan and just make some adjustment on the long runs. I like it! Here is the link:


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