Friday, July 22, 2011


So I've been struggling with my Newtons ever since the ones I loved were discontinued. I'd switched to the other shoes Newton makes and nothing seems to feel quite right. So... I exchanged the last pair of Lady Isaacs and I'm happy to be trying the Saucony Kinvara 2's! Aren't they BEAUTIFUL??? I haven't done the treadmill testing in years. Turns out I've been wearing a neutral shoe but I have the highest arches in the world. Throw in a pair of insoles and I'm pretty psyched to try these! (Not to mention they are about HALF the cost of what I'd been spending on Newtons. And at 6-7 pairs in the last year??)

Look what was in my mailbox today!!! Thanks Silly Girl!!!


Remember last week when I was talking about finding my passion?? I've decided what I want to do, and this week I filled out my application to take my starter course in... CRIMINAL JUSTICE at my local community college (where I got my A.A. over a decade ago). As you can see by the above, I just ADORE shopping for school supplies and I am PSYCHED that I will be going back in the fall. I was one of those people that went to college just because I liked it. I have a fairly useless BA in English (with a minor in History), so I don't need to take any general education course, just focused courses in my area of interest.


  1. I'll be anxious to see how you like the kinvaras! I've been debating on switching from my sauconys- great for stability, but too heavy for my liking. Congrats on making the decision to go back to school- very exciting!

    Sidenote- love the paul frank folder

  2. I just bought men's Kinvaras, but the old style. I love them! Plus they were super cheap, $39 on sale!

  3. Oh gosh, there are few things more frustrating than having your favorite running shoe discontinued. I'm still not over my first love, the original Saucony Ride. Later versions have left me underwhelmed.

    Hope the Kinvaras are fabulous.

  4. Oh my gosh Becka! That is such fantastic news! That's a huge step going back to school, take some GUTS to go back & sit in class & do all that stuff again, especially with young punks running around :)
    Criminal justice sounds really interesting so I hope it captures you and leads you to exciting (and slightly gory?) places :)

  5. Too cool!!! Criminal Justice will be awesome. This is exciting!!


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