Saturday, July 30, 2011

One More Run

So it's the last day of July that I plan on running and even though I plan on starting August fresh with the RLRF program, I noticed I was not on par with my goal of 100 miles a month. Meaning... long run. Well, at least it is an opportunity to try out the Zoots on a longer run.

Even though I haven't started RLRF, I decided to "steal" one of the long runs from the marathon program. Adopting a super slow pace that I figured I could manage.

Only. I didn't run as far as I planned (only 11 miles) and the pace that should have been CAKE (5.3 mph or 11:19 min/mile) was ridiculously hard. I took some sport beans at the halfway mark but never felt good. This sucked. I was hot, and working way too hard for such a slow pace. When I finally finished (2 hours and 10 minutes later), I was so sweaty that I literally could wring out not just my hair, but my running skirt too. That was a first.

Good news? The Zoots seem like they will work just fine. So yay, billions of pairs of shoes later I seem to have some that will work!

So over these horrible and hard training runs.


  1. I am in a funk right now where every run feels way harder than it should be. I hate that! i love those Zoots, they are so pretty!

  2. 100 miles per month. Wow. I couldn't even get 40 in July. It is a good thing I had a half marathon in July or the number would be REALLY low. Today is a fresh month, a fresh start for me!


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