Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. This is an observation. I sweat a lot when I exercise. "A lot" doesn't even do the amount of sweat justice. My hair is usually so wet when I'm done that I can wring it out. LITERALLY. My clothes are saturated. Like just came out of the washing machine wet. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS HAPPEN??? It's so gross :(  I swear this is a "new" thing over the last few years. I don't ever remember having this problem, but it seems like it must be a hydration issue?? Thoughts?

2. I actually had an EXCELLENT treadmill run last night! I have been struggling the last few weeks to run more than 4-5 miles. I managed to get EIGHT miles in! I probably would have gone longer but we had to pick H up at the Kid's Club before it closed.

3. I had a phone interview last week and the guy said "I'm going to tell you straight up that you WILL get a call back." That was Thursday and I haven't heard anything. It never occurred to me to ask for a name or number. Man I suck. I'm going to be out of work forever.


  1. I hope he calls soon! I wouldn't think to ask for a name or number either. I get so nervous in situations like that.

    Last night I only ran 2 miles and when I got home my entire body was covered in sweat and my clothes were soaked. So it isn't just you!

  2. I hope you get a call back!

    And I'm with you on the sweating thing. I'm actually cutting my hair off because I'm so grossed out with how wet it gets from hitting the sweat on my back and arms when I run. GROSS!

  3. I have the same sweatiness issues. I can't wring my hair out, because there's not enough of it, but my clothes after this morning's workout made it look as if I just took a dip in the pool. Unfortunately, it's genetic. The only way to prevent it is to not workout when it's hot and humid out - not an option for me.

  4. If you tell someone they will get a call back, you should give them a call back. Just sayin!

  5. I don't think I sweat that much, wow, but it isn't that humid here. I hope you get a call back, waiting is so mu fun.

  6. I just got back from the gym and my entire shirt and ponytail are soaked! It's like man sweat levels. So pretty. Glad I'm not the only one.

    Hope you get that call back!

  7. COngrats on your improved treadmill mileage!! SOunds like you have turned a corner and I hope it continues that way!

  8. You're probably in better shape and working out harder. Even though your heart may not be pumping as "fast" due to your increased fitness, your body is working harder to cool itself and creating more perspiration.

  9. I am a HUGE sweater too!! It's embarassing really. I'm in great shape, have a low resting heartrate, don't have "B.O." at all, I just sweat profusely while running. It's pretty much like pure water too, it's not smelly sweat, you know? But my kids laugh at me because I always have a huge "smiley face" on my back after running made by my sports bra absorbing the sweat. I always look like I've peed my pants too after I run which is why I'm looking into getting a few running skirts. My ponytail drips down my back and I always have to remember to bring 2 huge beach towels to put on my car seat for the ride home.


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