Monday, July 25, 2011

Brooks Green Silence

Sigh. Again. Fail. After the fail with the Kinvaras, I tried the other pair I thought I liked - the Brooks Green Silence. They look good:


  • They look good, and match one of my favorite running outfits.
  • They didn't seem to ventilate my feet. THEY WERE HOT.
  • Toe box not quite wide enough, although I didn't feel they were as tight as the Kinvaras. I did have to stop a few times to loosen laces. This ended up being a problem because of the weird way the shoe is form with the outside of the shoe becoming the tongue (you'd just have to look at them to understand what I mean).
  • The shoes feel FLAT. The first few strides I felt like I had boards on my feet.
  • Felt HEAVY.
Starting. Over.

You know, for someone who thought they didn't have finicky feet, I'm certainly struggling finding shoes that don't suck.

Answering some comments from the last shoe review:

  • I wear body glide on my feet and toes only when I race. I'm sorta of the opinion that if I can't even run in them for 4-5 miles without body glide they aren't the shoes for me.
  • I don't think I can wear Men's sizes, I have teeny feet. I wear 6-6.5 in regular shoes but bump up to a 7 for running. Bummer. :(


  1. Big bummer for sure. They ARE really cute. But we all know cute doesn't cut it. Hope you find something you love soon! Newtons??

  2. im you couldn't find your shoe. do you have a specialized running store in your area that can help you find something based upon your foot.
    If you haven't tried Saucony's that aren't Kinvaras thats what I do. Unfortunately I have the stability version so its a little heavier, BUT prior to that I had one of their neutrals and it worked well.
    i've seen a lot of people say great things about the lightness of pearl izumas or something of that nature.

  3. I've been using the Green Silence for a while and have had the same toebox issue. Since you've tried Newtons, have you considered shoes from Altra Running? I just got my pair of Instincts yesterday and the toebox is incredibly roomy. You might find the intuition works for you, but as a zero-drop shoe you might also find it too "flat" for you as well.

  4. You're just overall tiny in general. I can't imagine you fitting into mens shoes!

    At least you can find cute ones. I love my adidas - I think they are pretty fun. But overall I never see fancy colors like you do. Probably 'cause I don't look beyond Nike and adidas---that's the Oregon girl in me I suppose!


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