Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

The Whine Post

1. Running sucks. It's hard. I shouldn't have to work so hard at these easy paces. I HATE RUNNING. (Repeat)
2. Running sucks. Maybe it's my shoes. Newton discontinued the style I had been wearing for 9 or so months. No shoes really "hurt" or give me blisters, but maybe the other Newton styles aren't right for me. My legs (especially calves) constantly feel "tight" even though I (sorta) stretch before I run.
3. Running sucks. (Did I say that already)


If I didn't need to increase my mileage base I'm not sure I'd still be running. Only 2 months until that stupid 50 mile race. Why. Why did I sign up?


  1. :)

    I wonder how many of us that keep racing and running all the time often say that running sucks! I think we are all just a bunch of masochists!

  2. if i had words of wisdom to give you, i'd apply it to myself, but unfortunately I don't.

    i was cursing myself last night- i think we all go through this funk. you're not alone, trust me.

  3. I am with you on this! My running has been sucking lately. I also blame my shoes but mostly I blame the heat. If its hot or I'm trudging up hills I begin to care less and less about my race or finish time. Just let it be done already! Thats how my 15 miler played out today. But I will forget by Tuesday, map out a new and exciting 20 miler for next Saturday, and it will suck even more! I love running. I hate running.


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