Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Puma Faas 300s

Um... possibly?? Today was not a scheduled run day, but I usually have 20-25 minutes after Turbo Kick Box for some sort of additional cardio. Turbo Kick Box pretty much kicked my ass today. I have never EVER in my entire life taken my shirt off at the gym. Which is saying something since I have pretty much lived in one since April, 2004.

Blech. I have nasty stomach after giving birth and love handles I can't seem to get rid of. I don't know HOW people have the nerve to do this on a regular basis.

Anyway, I returned the Brooks Green Silence and tried on another jillion pairs of shoes. I was shocked with the ones I ended up with. They didn't even look like running shoes.


  • Pretty!! I mean, anything with pink can't be all bad...
  • Wide toe box. At least I'm pretty sure they are. I only ran 2 miles, but didn't have to stop and adjust laces at all.
  • Not as "flat" feeling as the Green Silences.
  • CHEAP... With my discount they were less than $40!
  • Not "flat" but not super comfortable either.
  • Wide toe box, but might be overall too wide? I didn't wear them long enough to really judge this, I'll have to try 4+ miles.
  • This is LAST years model... if I keep these, the next years model might suck, but I suppose I could cross that bridge when I come to it.
Questions from last review:
  • Yes, I've tried Newtons. Those were the ones I was trying to get away from because I went through 6-7 pairs last year and at $150+ a pair they cost too much.
  • Pearl Izumis... I went through two pairs of these back in 2009. I liked them, but the ones I wore were (shockingly) discontinued. After I pulled my quad, I switched to a New Balance. The running store I keep exchanging shoes from doesn't carry Pearl in store (only online) so for now they are out.
Where does this leave me? I had another pair of shoes I was trying, Zoots, that I didn't pick because they were about $120 a pair. I think I'll go back and pick those up and try a few long runs between those and the Pumas. I gotta get into something soon, these shenanigans have already been going on a week!


  1. on the bright side, you have some time off b/n races so at least you have an 'adjustment frame' to get used to new shoes before racing!

  2. Do you wonder HOW people have the nerve to not wear shirts in the gym, or HOW people keep having more kids? Haha.

    I love your shoe tester posts...you just keep taking them back? Very smart, you'll find one you like.


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