Sunday, July 24, 2011

Newton Lady Isaac vs. Saucony Kinvara 2s

Sigh. Fail. I was really excited to try the new shoes, so I headed off to the gym - looking great and optimistic that I had found shoes that could work. Sadly, my outfit would pretty much be the only good part of the experience.

Newton Lady Isaacs


  • Bright colors
  • Wide toe box
  • Overall comfortable
  • Life of the shoe... Newtons in general do NOT seem to last long. I am on my 7th pair (if I'm counting correctly) in the last year. At $140-$175 a pair of shoes, that is RIDICULOUS.
  • Nothing I can specifically put my finger on, I just seem to have overall tired and achy legs. Shoes? Maybe.
Saucony Kinvara 2s

  • Pretty!!!
  • Comfortable and LIGHT feeling. First mile I felt like I was wearing nothing at all!
  • Basically half the cost of what I have been spending on shoes
  • Toe box too narrow. My left pinky toe starting feeling "rubbed" like a blister was forming. I only ran 4 miles in them.
  • Too tight/form fitting. After about 2 miles my feet started to feel numb. I stopped, loosened the laces on both feet. Felt "better" for a few miles but then the numbness came back. Couldn't loosen the laces further or my heels would slip too much.
  • After running, I did a "speed walk" for a half hour with incline. Left pinky toe still felt "aggravated."
  • After leaving the gym, wore the shoes while running errands. Left toe still not comfortable.
Even though the shoes didn't work out, I still rewarded myself with a HUGE salad. Yum.

Today I'm headed back to buy the other pair of shoes that was in the running with the Kinvaras. Review to follow.


  1. 7 pairs in a year?!?! Lady that is crazy. But, you do look super stylish :)

  2. Love the outfit! Do you put Body Glide on your toes? I find it helps. I realize, it won't help them from going numb, but otherwise.

  3. Have you tried men's shoes? I have very wide feet - women's wides rarely fit - and I am comfortable in the men's Kinvaras.

  4. The shoes are pretty too bad they didn't work for you! I haven't tried the Kinvaras, but I have been wanting too, this will help.

  5. NOOOOOO! I'm sad to hear the Kinvaras didn't work for you! This has been the only decent replacement I have found for Newtons. They used to rub the side of my left big toe, but that went way after a few wears.


    Again, I hear ya on ditching the Newtons, but if you find a comparable difference in another brand, let me know because I am also curious! I am sad to hear these didn't quite work. So cute, though!

  6. Thanks for doing this review- I HAVE to have a wide toe box, so I'm glad to know that kinvaras don't follow that so I don't waste my time. I hope your next pair works out for you!

  7. Would not spend that kind of money on shoes, so Newtons are out for me. Love the Kinvaras, though, the original ones are at the moment my favourite training shoe.

    Very nice outfit, though! ;-)

  8. Those shoes look super cute with that skirt!

    Hopefully you find THE perfect shoe!


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