Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pumpkin Pie 5k (Race Recap)

Saturday, November 21
Denver, CO

We signed up for this race last minute - like the day before. We found a coupon code and it was less than $50 for both of us to run. SCORE!

Literally within minutes of hitting the registration button, the sky became dark and scary and the polar vortex rolled in. And the snow started falling. After having gorgeous weather most of the week it looked like I was in for a race similar to last year. But at least this time I was ONLY doing the 5k.

Knowing that the parking is a bit sketchy at City Park for these events, we hoped to park on a side street by 8:00 so we could pick up our bibs, use the bathroom and still have time to sit in the car until the race started. We were able to find a teeny tiny spot pretty close to the start. IT WAS COLD. I think my car said it was 18 degrees.

I guess it doesn't LOOK cold. But it was.
We picked up our packets without any issues, used the indoor bathroom, then ran back to the car. As a result of the snow the night before it was DAMN ICY, especially crossing 17th to get into the park. We accidentally lined up way too far in the back and in the first mile spent a lot of time barricaded behind walkers. We did, however, run into Maureen and her dog Colfax right at the start so we all ran together.

The course was incredibly icy, so we took it easy. Last thing I want is to get injured running such a short event. My hands were cold, but the rest of me felt fine.

Official Time - 32:04
Overall Place - 496/1757
Gender Place - 257/1205
Division Place - 42/176
Garmin Time - 32:04
Garmin Distance - 3.11 miles
Garmin Pace - 10:19
Mile 1 - 11:08
Mile 2 - 10:31
Mile 3 - 9:31
Mile 3.11 - 8:29


After we finished we collected our medals and then spent some time at the Roost tent waiting for Heather - she was going to be running the 10k. We spent just a little bit too long outside and I was nearly frozen by the time we got back to the car.

I think the only people with bare legs were on the team :D
  • This is a fun race. It's a decent size race and it's very well organized.
  • The shirt is cute (kind of a faded orange) - but I registered too late to get a size I can wear, so it will get donated.
  • The medal is super cute. Love a smiling piece of pie!
  • There is one aid station on the course, it was well stocked and the volunteers were super friendly.
  • The course, two years in a row, has been scary icy. Maybe next year will be better? With that said, I will probably run again. Maybe the 10k next time.

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