Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week in Review (November 10 - November 16)

Tuesday (18,321 steps) - Ridiculously long warm up, shoulders, and cool down. After work we went to the gym and ran 3ish miles. I've been having a weird niggle in my right groin area (started around the time of Denver RnR). It feels fine when I'm running, but hurts a bit when I'm walking. Sure hope that goes away soon...
Wednesday ( steps) - HIIT/cardio warm up, total body HIIT and abs (which, to be fair, was WAY more HIIT than abs), and cool down. Overnight we got the first real snow of the season. Luckily, temperatures have been pretty warm, so it wasn't super icy. However, Colorado drivers cannot be trusted, so we left early for school/work. Maybe it was the premonition of snow, or maybe it was because of Veteran's Day, but traffic was extremely light and I actually got to work in about half the time as a normal work day. Went to the gym during lunch and ran a few miles since I planned on skipping the gym and run club. After we got home, we made cookies! Four dozen cookies to be exact. Peanut butter chocolate chip for the Friday the 13th party at Heather's and for A to take to school for her birthday.
Thursday ( steps) - Alternating dumbbell upper body video. I have done this one once before, and WOW, it is not easy! Did a 4 mile run during lunch because A and I were heading down to Runner's Roost for Ladies Night and the Nike fashion show! A great evening of light shopping, food and friends.
New Roost beanies!
When we got home there was MORE baking to do. This time we made the Oreo cheesecake cupcakes for A to take to her "real" birthday party on Saturday morning.
Friday ( steps) - One of the longer videos of this program, a lower body strength video. 3ish mile run on the treadmill during lunch.
A dressed up fancy for her last day of being 9
After work I picked up A and we headed up to Heather's house for a gathering of friends. Delicious food and great company.
Crazy eyes.
Saturday ( steps) - A'S TENTH BIRTHDAY!!! We had a FULL day planned. I gave A her presents first thing upon waking up. (Since she doesn't do Christmas with me, this is the closest thing to that for us). We enjoyed hot chocolate (for her) and coffee (for me) and tested out her new Wii U.

That thing is pretty high tech! We changed into our running clothes for a short birthday run to the lake.
Had a few minutes to get ready before going to IHOP for her birthday breakfast and then it was on to Skate City for her party.
Two hours of skating and then it was time for seeing Jurassic World with Jessa. As in previous years, A wanted to go to Country Buffet (yuck) for her birthday lunch. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and playing Mario Kart. We ordered a pizza for a late night snack. We took selfies with the cats using her new "cat selfie kit". A said it was the best birthday ever. LOL.
Sunday ( steps) - Went to Target to get our grocery shopping done and after lunch we headed up to Boulder for birthday part 2. We met up with my older sister and my nephew Adam and went to the Valmont bike park for some mountain biking. All was going well until I (stupidly) decided to ride up a ramp. I didn't go up straight, panicked, braked and flew over the handle bars (off the 5' ramp) onto my head). Thankfully I didn't break anything, but holy crap, that hurt.
We left shortly afterwards and went to Sweet Cow for some delicious ice cream. THEN we went to the climbing gym. I didn't freak out as much this time and had 4 successful climbs. My arms/wrists just kind of gave out on the last one (not surprising since I for real almost died a few hours earlier on the bike).
A went with my sister and nephew to my parent's house for dinner. I did a quick 2 mile run to the lake and then picked up some Tokyo Joe's for dinner. After dinner I watched the Walking Dead (and I'm still really irritated that I don't know what's happening with Glenn).
Monday ( steps) - HIIT and lower body strength. I had to modify some of the moves because my wrists (left wrist especially) was hurting a bit. Hard to say if it was from the biking accident or the climbing. 3 miles on the treadmill during lunch as we had a blizzard warning and I wanted to go home and stay home. We picked up Tokyo Joe's on the way home (again). The snow started falling around 8 and I got the notification from my work around 10 pm that we would be having a two hour delayed start. (Hooray!)

  • 119,870 steps
  • 19.2 miles run
  • 60 minutes of cross training videos, plus about an hour on the mountain bike and an hour at the climbing gym
  • 97 minutes of strength/stretching.
Everything Else 
  • Winter is here. And I hate it. That's all.

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