Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week in Review (October 27 - November 2)

Tuesday (22,801 steps) - High/low cardio intervals. This was an interesting video - it was a "low" impact interval followed by a higher cardio level. Not terrible. After work went to the gym for 3ish miles. The remainder of the evening was spent making Halloween candy bark and red velvet brownies for my work bake sale.
Matchy Matchy!

Wednesday (16,707 steps) - Kickboxing/HIIT. Essentially a waste of time as no one except Daniel can actually accomplish all these moves in a way that makes sense. I fling/flang around a lot trying to do these moves. After work - RUN CLUB!! Very excited about the Halloween/pumpkin theme for this one. Ran around the school track with Lisa, Heather, Dan and A. I don't have a chance to have a lot of one on one conversations with Lisa, so that was nice. I didn't binge too much on the "pumpkin everything" - but had a few delicious pieces of "Nothing Bundt Cakes." Yum.
"Twinning is Winning"
Thursday (19,079 steps) - Cardio video. I already can't remember this video. I don't remember if I liked it or not, so it must not have been awful. After work I went with A to her "Boo at the School" where she played some carnival games and sampled chili. 3.5 miles at the gym afterwards.
A got some face/hand painting done
Friday (21,178 steps) - Warm up, kettle ball, cool down. I don't have a kettle bell so these were all done with a barbell. I really enjoy strength training, this was a nice change. After work we met up with Jessa and Jackson in Olde Town Arvada for a trick or treat street. We went to dinner at 3 Margaritas. Then A went over to Jessa's for a sleepover. I tried to suffer through a few episodes of American Horror Season - this season is terrible.
Saturday (35,764 steps) - Up early to go down to Stapleton to run with Runner's Edge. It was PERFECT running weather. I was wearing long sleeves, thinking I would get hot, but I never did. Ran a few miles with Carol and Sheila until Heather caught up. Ended up with 10 great miles. BEAUTIFUL fall colors!!

Me and Lisa in INKnBURN
Picked up A and then went to the mall to exchange the jeans I just bought her that didn't fit, bought her this year's holiday dress. Went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, went home and showered and then watched tv until it was time to go over to Jessa's for trick or treating. Ended up hanging out until about 9 - then finally home. LONG DAY.
Sunday (17,884) - Actually slept in until about 8. Which because of daylight savings meant I actually got like 10 hours of sleep. We went grocery shopping and then made omelettes and pancakes for breakfast. Almost the entire day was spent in front of the tv (I did laundry in between) - but I did go out for a short jog in the afternoon. I finally went west on the trail behind my house - can't wait to go out for longer next time.
Monday (16,850) - I do like that the sun is up earlier... I didn't have as much trouble getting out of bed. HIIT/Cardio - which wasn't actually too bad. There were short intervals of strength in between the HIIT intervals so it gave me some time to actually rest. Rushed home to meet the HVAC guy - who ended up fixing my furnace for free because of the missed appointment. I offered him money more than once because I felt bad, but he wouldn't take it. A and I went to Tokyo Joe's for dinner and we vegged on the couch. With heat.


  • 150,263 steps
  • 23.5 miles run
  • 83 minutes of cross training (HIIT/cardio)
  • 55 minutes of strength/stretching
Everything Else 
  • Heather and I had a "heart to heart" and we are going to defer CIM. Thankfully this was decided BEFORE my long run on Saturday, so I only ran 10 instead of 20. Phew.
  • A found out that she was voted into Student Council! She is super pumped about "making a difference" at her school. Very proud of this girl!

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  1. I love heart to heart conversations. That's awesome your daughter was voted into Student council!


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