Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sweaty Sweater Run (Race Recap)

Saturday, December 12
Fort Collins, CO
Weather - Overcast and snow

The Sweaty Sweater race was brought to our attention when we ran the Donut Run over Thanksgiving Break. It sounded fun, and it was inexpensive, so we signed up.

The night before the race there was snow in the forecast. We got up a little bit earlier than planned, just in case. It was not snowing when we left the house, embarking on our 60ish mile drive to Fort Collins. By the time we got about halfway there huge snowflakes started falling. Even after Siri directed us in the wrong direction we arrived with over 30 minutes to the start. The only complaint I have was the lack of signage for the race instructing people where to park. Luckily, we were able to get in the correct lot with pretty much the closest parking spot to the building.

We picked up our bibs, hit the bathroom a few times, took a few pictures, had a few last minute wardrobe changes, and then headed out for the run.  By now, the snow was really coming down and it was pretty slick outside.

A took off in the first quarter mile. I was having one problem after another with my bib coming off my belt, so there was some stopping and readjusting. I was glad to have decided to ditch my jacket at the last minute. I was fine in my INKnBURN "ugly" sweater. There was one aid station on the course at mile 2. They had both hot chocolate and water, but the idea of hot chocolate was not appealing so I skipped that. Heather had numerous catastrophes during the run, both involving her jackets and her shoes coming untied.

Still a fairly decent time, and A found us right away at the finish (she beat us old ladies by about 4 minutes).
I don't think she takes bad race pictures
"Where is the finish line? The snow is blinding me"
My crazy eyes here are the perfect example of why I normally wear sunglasses
We waited for Dan to cross the finish line and then went in for the after party and fashion show. The race was at the Anheuser-Busch facility and we all got two beer tickets (which turned out ok since apparently they own Shocktop, and I had a twisted pretzel wheat). There were also pancakes, although the line took almost 45 minutes to get through.

Modeling for the ugly sweater contest
We had a great time socializing with our fellow Roost teammates. A was a bit bummed that she a). didn't win something in her age group and b). she didn't win the fashion show.

Garmin Distance - 4.0 miles
Garmin Time - 44:58
Mile 1 - 11:53
Mile 2 - 11:20
Mile 3 - 11:18
Mile 4 - 10:26

No official results unless you placed in your age group.


  • This was a really fun race. And the weather actually made it better. Running adjacent to the interstate is probably not the most attractive view, the snow made it somewhat majestic.
  • Cute shirt, gender specific (no picture of course). It is a long sleeve tech with various animals wearing ugly sweaters. I'll actually keep this one.
  • Free race pictures posted same day to Facebook. Huzzah!
  • The race had a contest for the ugly sweaters. Top prize was $500! Next year maybe I'll go for the gold!
  • It was a bit of a drive for only 4 miles, but the after party and company was great. I maybe would run it again.

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