Thursday, December 3, 2015

Endurance House Turkey Trot 5k (Race Recap)

Thursday, November 26
Broomfield, Colorado
Weather - Cold. Snowy and windy

As an alumni, I was able to register for this race MONTHS earlier. A wanted to just do the 5k (which, turned out to be a great idea with the weather). I had run the 10k twice in the past and knew that it was well organized. And this year, there was even a medal!

We were up early so that we would have time for coffee and to ensure we would get a parking spot close to the start. I wanted to spend as little time as possible outside.

We found Heather and Dan right away and sat in their car (with the heat blasting) until about 5 minutes before the start. Heather got a cute picture of me and A next to the inflatable turkey. See the snow falling? (And yes, we zipped up our jackets right after this was taken).

I used the bathroom and then we lined up. A and Dan ran together and I ran with Heather. The first mile felt pretty good, and then I felt my calves tightening up. BOO. I haven't had that happen in a while. Ended up walking quite a bit trying to work out the tightness. It was not fun. I did not want to be walking in this horrible weather. I always had A in my sights, and honestly, I was surprised she wasn't running faster. Even though it was snowing, the roads and trails weren't slick.

Garmin time - 34:01 (womp)
Garmin distance - 3.14 miles
Mile 1 - 9:48
Mile 2 - 11:51
Mile 3 - 11:08
Mile 3.14 - 9:06

After we crossed the finish line we were in a crowd trying to get the medals. I should have taken a close up of it. Endurance House has a series of races and the ribbon was attached to a GIANT medal that you could dangle smaller medals from as you completed other races in the series. Seems weird to automatically include that big pieces as I doubt many people are going to do other races.

Anyway, it was FREEZING, so we did a quick group shot and headed out. Brrr.


  • This is  good race. This was the first year that we did not stick around for the raffle. In the past they have given away great things. It was way too cold.
  • One aid station on the course (at least for the 5k) and it was well stocked.
  • Course was marked well.
  • Lots of goodies at the finish line, including Noosa, Kind bars and pumpkin pie. 
  • Plenty of bathrooms (at least for the 5k). The 10k started a half hour earlier.
  • I may or may not run this one again. Maybe I'll do a new race next year!

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  1. you all look cold! I skipped the Turkey Run here this year. I just didn't want to be cold and the roads were bad,


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