Monday, January 3, 2011

A Whole Lotta Random

So much going on right now. I think a list is in order. In no particular order.
  • A is back from Texas!! I'm especially psyched about her not cutting her hair. I'm NOT especially psyched with her telling me she took a bath today and yet she smells like cigarette smoke (my ex smokes). However, it sounds like she had a great time with him and the in-laws, so... there's that.
  • I am devastated and heartbroken about some news my good friend over at 365 Awesome Days got the other day. See this kid? The one on the far left? That's "Baby" and she has been diagnosed with leukemia. I'm angry and upset and saddened. So. There's that. I really dislike when bad things happen to good people :(
Baby, A & #1 at Disneyland (May 2010)
  • I have no job again. I'm annoyed with that whole situation and I'm annoyed with how everyone ELSE feels about it.
  • I ran this hill program today. It was almost as bad as the hangover treadmill run I did on 1-1-11, but at least I looked pretty hardcore running my 7.5 miles amongst all the New Years newbies.

  • My racing schedule has a few new additions... 3 half marathons and 1 full marathon added to the mix. I'm pretty excited, since I haven't added a race in a REALLY long time.
  • That minor problem I was having with the Mississippi Blues half marathon claiming no race day pick up? I sent a long email to the race director, turns out they WILL be having race day pick up (although their website doesn't say that), so phew, that's a lot of stress off my shoulders.
So far I'm a little disappointed in 2011. It should be way more awesome by now.


  1. My thoughts are with your friend and her little girl.

    What does your racing schedule for 2011 looks like?

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend/little girl and your job situation.

  3. Oh no. :( I saw the post on 1/1 about Baby's blood counts, and I have wondered if anything was determined yet. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

    I will be praying SO HARD for her.

  4. Ah man, I'm so relieved about the race day packet pick-up. I was actually thinking about that a couple of days ago because it was stressing me, believe it or not!

    I'm NOT happy at all about "Baby". That's not the news that anyone wants to hear about anybody ever! :(

    I am happy about one of your upcoming race registrations that happened yesterday!


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