Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes... I'm a Whiner.

This week? Has been one of "those" weeks. I haven't mentioned it lately, but I'm still not working. And my unemployment is still "pending investigation." It sucks not working. It sucks not having money. It sucks having to ask people for help. It sucks to NEED my tax return. It sucks that I'm getting lectured by others about what I should be doing. It sucks to get a phone call from the preschool offering free tuition. I've never had to take handouts before.

But you know what? Lots of people have it worse. And sometimes I forget that.

Other than needing/wanting to vent, I'd like to link a blog.

Marcia @ Running Off at the Mouth stumbled across my good friend Giraffy's blog and has set up an AWESOME donation link to help Giraffy's family with their rising costs in caring for their youngest daughter's recently diagnosed leukemia. If you can, please donate for Gabby, she's one of my favorite ankle biters. Anything helps.

Gabby - May 2010


  1. I saw that Marcia was doing this. So amazing!!

    I hope your employment status is resolved soo!!

  2. *sigh* Gabby is so darn cute! :)

    Maybe the Publisher's Clearing House people will suddenly arrive at your door with one of those gigando checks. That would be awesome and help out lots o' people! Hope things turn around soon!!

  3. 2011 needs to step it up and start sucking less.

    You're not a whiner. You're just someone with a lot of annoying things going on, and that's a reasonable excuse to be pissy. Besides, that was the least whiny whining I've ever seen :D

  4. Thanks for linking that - I saw it yesterday and it really moved me. Great post - hang in there!

  5. Absolutely. I've been following Giraffy and cry for her baby every post. Thanks to Marcia- will be donating tonight.

  6. Thanks for sharing that link!

    And, Becka, you're not a whiner! Don't ever believe that you are!


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